QuickQuid Thanks Loyal Payday Loans Customers and Rewards Them Through Refer A Friend

From: QuickQuid
Published: Fri Oct 29 2010

In 2009 QuickQuid was the first payday loans provider to launch a Refer a Friend Programme in the UK.

The Refer a Friend Programme rewards loyal QuickQuid payday loans customers with a £20 savings option on their next payday loan for every successful new referral. QuickQuid’s Refer a Friend program provides customers:

-Credit for successful referrals
-Ability to redeem earned credits on any future payday loan
-Unlimited referral credits

In addition, QuickQuid customer’s friends and family are awarded 20% off their loan fee when they receive their referral e-mail from QuickQuid.

The Refer a Friend payday loan programme is QuickQuid’s way of thanking loyal payday loans customers and rewarding their friends as well. So, go to QuickQuid.co.uk today!

For more information about a QuickQuid payday loan or our Refer a Friend program, contact Marvin Gurevich at 0808 101 7453 or media@quickquid.co.uk.


About QuickQuid:

QuickQuid is the premier fully licensed online payday loans provider in the United Kingdom. QuickQuid’s fast, convenient services have helped thousands of Britons bridge the gap between paydays with the ability to apply from the comfort and privacy of home. These hassle-free online payday loans have made QuickQuid Britain's trusted online lender. For more information, please visit www.quickquid.co.uk.

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Company: QuickQuid
Contact Name: Marvin Gurevich
Contact Email: rlukosiute@enovafinancial.com
Contact Phone: 0808 101 7453

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