Untapped potential in land to fight climate change

From: Aston Lloyd
Published: Thu Jan 14 2010

Pastures, rangeland and grasslands represent a potential ‘carbon sink’ which could be more effective then forests if property managed, said the FAO.

Grasslands account for 70% of the world’s agricultural land, and cover 30% of the earth’s ice-free surface, and can play a major role in reducing the vulnerability to climate change of over one billion people who depend on agriculture for a living, according to the FAO paper, Review of Evidence on Drylands Pastoral Systems and Climate Change.

"The world will have to use all options to contain average global warming within 2 degrees Celsius. Agriculture and land use have the potential to help minimise net greenhouse has emissions through specific practices, especially building soil and biomass carbon. These practices can at the same time increase the productivity and resilience of agriculture, thus contributing to food security and poverty reduction," said FAO Assistant Director-General Alexander Muller.

Joseph Upchurch, Managing Director of Aston Lloyd Agri-Commodities, a London based investment team currently running an agricultural land project in Ukraine, agrees with the need to put land at the forefront of our attempts to combat climate change,

"By growing more crops for biofuels, increasing food security, and developing previously unused land, the potential for halting climate change becomes greater. The FAO have already called for further land investment, and we believe Ukraine is the perfect place for this as an emerging market with a huge area of land which has fallen into disuse."

Land in Ukraine offers investors the opportunity to turn land productive once more, in a country once known as the ‘bread basket’ of Europe, thanks to its rich black earth soil.

Aston Lloyd investors receive 30% of the net profit from the harvest each year on the fully managed land, plus capital growth on the value of the land.

For more information, download the free project brochure here: http://www.astonlloyd.co.uk/ukrainebrochure-sp/

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