Voth Nixon Group Adds Two New EFI Strategies To Its Eco-Development Range

From: Voth Nixon Group
Published: Fri Aug 14 2015

The Blue Yonder strategy invests in businesses that focus on resolving the international issues faced by the hydrological sector while the Nutri-Value strategy invests in enterprises that address environmental challenges created by the international increase of demand for food and proper nutrition. Both of these strategies represent long term engagement themes directed towards responsible clients that want to reap the benefits from new opportunities presented by a constantly evolving world.

The Blue Yonder strategy invests in global equities with exposure to the hydrological segment value chain, being managed by Patricia Herrndorf. The strategy invests in companies which operate in the construction, repair and maintenance of water supply infrastructure, water technology and water decontamination and purification industry.

Patricia Herrndorf, head of the Blue Yonder strategy, commented: "There is a wide array of development drivers within the water sector which will be present for many years to come, including but not limited to infrastructure renewal, improved water delivery systems for emerging market countries and stricter regulation that guarantee clean and uncontaminated water for consumers. The hydrological sector, though often not taken into consideration, is an economic segment which will rely on significant investments in the future in order to ensure a high-quality water supply to the greatest possible number of individuals around the world".

The Nutri-Value strategy invests globally in companies that are part of the food value chain and have proven their commitment towards sustainable and green development through their activities. The strategy favors companies that are involved in stamping out food waste, saving water, environmental protection and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. An extra incentive is given to ecologically innovative companies which produce less harmful organic fertilizers, biodegradable packaging as well as optimized irrigation systems. This however does not apply to businesses or companies which core objectives are profits at the expense of consumer health, such as companies that produce food or beverages of questionable nutritional quality and value which can affect an individual’s health in the long run.

"The demand for natural and uncontaminated food is a trend which will continue to grow given the current rate at which the global population is developing. Along with increasing public demand for governmental implication in solving problems such as climate change significant investments will prove to be of the utmost importance in tackling these modern day issues" said Liam Wells, the Director of Foreign Affairs of Voth Nixon Group.

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