Voth Nixon Group Launches VNX Equity Global Top Selection

From: Voth Nixon Group
Published: Mon Aug 10 2015

VNX Equity Global Top Selection is a great reliance stock picking fund having an uncontrolled long-term strategy with an outright return system. The portfolio dwells on the fund manager’s top stock selections and is highly condensed, having a maximum of 30 names. It has a high active share close to 80% and it has an error forecast in the range of 6-9%. The team of specialists is looking for companies either based in USA, Europe and Emerging Markets that have a strong, combined growth potential and have been undervalued by the market or thought too little of it. These are also companies that experienced substantial restructuring by cutting down their asset base and therefore conducting to expanded and sustainable benefit.

VNX Equity Global Top Selection integrates a screening process custody which recognizes a universe of stocks with appealing financial features and a basic analysis to identify and to invest only in stocks with an anticipated low-risk margin. The fund is created for a long-term investment approach, deriving in low turnover, though the fund is designed to outperform in different market conditions.

Ulrich Weber, Executive of VNX Group Preferential Value Fund comments:
"We are delighted to release the VNX Equity Global Top Selection, conducted by our highly skilled team of specialists. They have a proven investment record, with an average of 10 years industry experience. Together we are able to prove our best capabilities to our clients regarding our enhanced strategy for establishing a global class equity recommendation."

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