Voth Nixon Group Study Shows Women Try To Make A Difference With Their Investments

From: Voth Nixon Group
Published: Wed Dec 02 2015

A recent study conducted by Voth Nixon Group demonstrates that women seek to make a positive impact through their investments. The results show that, as opposed to their male counterparts, women investors are 12% more inclined to invest in businesses which seek to produce beneficial social outcomes and/or mitigate environmental damage.

Conversely, male investors replied that they are more likely to favor high returns rather than to be deterred by the environmental or social implications of their investments, even though performance statistics reveal that returns are not directly linked to an investorís personal values.

The studyís findings also uncover that women investors are more prone to reply that ethical, social or environmental considerations influence their lives; however both genders agree that such considerations are very likely to impact vital industries, with 39% of the respondents admitting that they have boycotted or refrained from using a business because of their conflicting ethical standards.

Commenting on these results Steven T. Carter, Chief Investment Officer of Voth Nixon Group, said: "With ethical implications impacting so much of our industryís operations it comes as no surprise that women are increasingly taking their values into account when it comes to where they place their capital. On the bright side, when it comes to ethical funds, the need of choosing strong returns in place of personal values isnít completely necessary given their consistent performance since 2010".

"At Voth Nixon Group, we have noticed an increasing number of women making investment decisions that support their values and ethical standards, with women now representing 57% of individuals that contribute to ethical funds even though they make up only 35% of our total client base. Likewise, women that have chosen ethical funds invest more on average than men, $25,000 compared to $16,000".

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