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Published: Wed Sep 01 2010

Devised by two entrepreneurs from Mayfair, the highly anticipated ‘Billionaire Tycoon’ is set to be one of the most exciting board games to be released this year.

Its makers believe it will encourage entrepreneurship and has the potential to create numerous millionaires across the country through sharing ideas, skills and strategies used by some of the richest and most successful businessmen in the country.

"Billionaire Tycoon is a game of negotiating, deal making, taking risks and keeping a solid poker-face. We always wanted to share the skills, secrets and know-how to become seriously business savvy, while having fun at the same time." said Shameek Upadhya, one of the game’s founder.

"The game is challenging and fun at the same time. You will go through different emotions and constantly be thinking of new ways to win. This is closest you can get to being a real business tycoon without risking your life savings and years of hard work."

"Combining the world domination of Risk with the supreme strategising needed in real-life business, Billionaire Tycoon allows you to deal, steal and swap your way to the top. For a board game, it is actually quite realistic, gradually building up from small beginnings to become a tycoon, leveraging your assets, taking risks and trying to outwit your competitors. It even involves real-life cultural differences and geopolitics, with military coups on the menu for the unwary. Billionaire Tycoon has all the pleasures and pains of the entrepreneur's life, and is a tremendous amount of fun!" - Spear's Wealth Management Magazine

It is addictive, exciting and will keep your family and friends up all night until a billionaire is made! After playing Billionaire Tycoon, you'll be asking for deals everywhere and negotiating prices fearlessly!

Billionaire Tycoon is available from the 30th September 2010 exclusively from Harrods or online at http://www.billionairetycoon.co.uk and costs £34.95. The game is suitable for ages 12 years and upwards and can be played by up to four players.

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