£17,000 PPI compensation payday for Nottinghamshire woman

From: beyondpr
Published: Mon May 17 2010

A Nottinghamshire woman has received one of the highest payouts of just under £18,000 against a mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI) policy, thanks to the help of financial claims specialist BrunelFranklin.com

Dr Coleen Blackwood received the compensation after Brunel Franklin successfully took her case against the original vendor Capstone to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). Coleen, a self employed physiotherapist from Mansfield, arranged a personal loan of £60,000 back in 2006, and was advised to buy the PPI as an integral part of the loan. She says she was not told how the cost of the policy would be calculated, or that the PPI was optional. It was only when Coleen saw reports concerning mis-sold PPI in the press towards the end of 2007, that she began to suspect her own policy may have been mis-sold.

In a bid to recover her money, Coleen contacted Brunel Franklin and following a lengthy case against the vendor, was ultimately awarded £17,443.51 in compensation. "I was very pleased with what Brunel Franklin did for me and wouldnít have known where to start myself," said Coleen. "It has been a long process but Brunel Franklin refused to give up." she added.

Given Coleenís self employed status, it is doubtful if the PPI would have been of any use to Coleen. PPI cases such as this are usually resolved very quickly, but in this case the vendor rejected Brunel Franklinís original approaches, which ultimately led to a referral to the FOS. It took the FOS a little over a year to review the case, but they finally agreed with Brunel Franklinís representations and found in Coleenís favour.

"While many of our cases are resolved fairly swiftly, it is in cases like Coleenís where the advantages of using our service become even clearer," said Brunel Franklin managing director Sally Bowyer. "Many people do not have the experience or the time to pursue a case like this over many months and this may be something that financial institutions who have mis-sold PPI rely on. Unfortunately for them, Brunel Franklin is doing all it can to get PPI justice for Coleen and others like her, even if we ultimately have to go through the FOS to do it."

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