1St Galaxy Fireworks Launches Display-Quality Rockets for Bonfire Night

Published: Sun Oct 31 2010

The fireworks season really explodes from October to December, with key celebrations such as Halloween, Bonfire Night and New Year.

1st Galaxy fireworks (http://www.galaxy-fireworks.co.uk ) is one of the UK’s leading pyrotechnics experts, recently taking Bronze in the British Fireworks championships. It prides itself on being able to offer customers nationwide display quality fireworks, to ensure they get the wow factor they want from their display. After working with health and safety officials to find a safe delivery mechanism for more than a year, 1st Galaxy can now offer customers its biggest and best rockets.

The rocket fireworks (http://www.galaxy-fireworks.co.uk/searchcategory.asp?prodCategory=2) come in packs of four – the Mega Pack, the Super Pack and the Ultra pack, with prices starting at £35.00 for the pack. Each pack is built to a very high specification by the very best technicians and includes four different designs that shoot up to 200m high, making them perfect for as part of the display or as a breathtaking finale. Due to the power of these rockets, the audience should be at least 25 metres from the ignition point, so they are best-suited to large gardens or mini-organised displays.

To meet regulations, the rockets are sent in a specially designed metal mesh cage, to ensure that they are stable throughout delivery. Lee Smith, joint founder and Operations Director of 1st Galaxy said: "We know that our customers love rockets as part of their displays, and generally, the feeling is the bigger the better. We are delighted that we have been able to find a solution for shipping, that means that customers can get their hands on these beauties."

1st Galaxy customers can either buy fireworks online (http://www.galaxy-fireworks.co.uk/product.asp?eventType=all) or visit one of its seven pop-up shops around the Midlands. All 1st Galaxy fireworks are colour-coded with a user-friendly system that allows customers to easily see how long the firework will last, and what size of garden it is suitable for. This is to ensure customers have the peace of mind to know what to expect from each firework as well as helping to ensure safety measures are met, to ensure the audience is a suitable distance away from the firework when it is ignited. Other fireworks within the range include wheels, cakes, fountains, candles and mines. 1st Galaxy has also introduced a range of three party packs, designed specifically to provide a co-ordinated display, suitable for different garden sizes, and budgets.

As well as providing the public with the opportunity to buy it’s display-quality fireworks, 1st Galaxy also organises display events nationwide, including Halloween events for the three Gulliver’s Fun theme parks, Nottingham’s Festival of Light, Barham Park Diwhali celebrations and Children in Need East Midlands.

About 1st Galaxy
Established in 1995, 1st Galaxy Fireworks is a family-run firm specialising in weddings, corporate events, parties and celebrations, as well as providing high quality display fireworks through their retail shops, mail order and online. This ensures everyone can have access to display-quality fireworks all year round. 1st Galaxy has seven shops in the Midlands in the UK, that pop-up for the key fireworks season and it undertakes more than 250 organised displays nationwide each year.

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