2nd Annual Trans Freight Logistics 2017 Easing the Trade

Published: Wed Sep 27 2017

It is very important for any nation to make its trading and business activities even and less of aggravation, this is very important in terms of its economic development. Considering the fact that the trading activities are the key dominants for Infrastructure and economic development of the country it becomes necessary to develop the Transportation and Logistics sector.
Sensing the need for the boost in its revenue and overall development of infrastructure and Considering the transportation and logistics sector of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the current scenario suggests that there is a need to enhance the flexibility in trade, which can be brought by the improvement of the transport and warehousing facilities in the kingdom which has been documented as a key factor for economic development.
Bricsa consulting is coming up with a business conference with its main focus on Logistic sector of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This conference will be represented by the decision makers from Public and Private Sector, who shall debate and discuss about the Developments, Challenges met in the logistics sector and provide the resolutions on how to reduce the possible risks and provide the solutions thereon.
This will be a great opportunity to reach the most prominent names in the industry and discover the potential opportunities to position yourself in playing the integral part in shaping the future of Infrastructure and Investment Industry in the logistics and freight transportation sector.
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