A little information on the Taiwanese Company Shayang Ye and their expertise

From: Powertronic Drive Systems GmbH
Published: Mon Jun 26 2017

The beginnings of Sayang Ye

Shayang Ye was established in 1980 in Taiwan and started off by producing the Pressure Gauges for fire extinguishers followed by gearboxes for power tools. A few years later they started to specialise in gear part movements and then started producing micro geared motors.
They then expanded their customer base to Japan and Germany. This is how they started out and today they are Taiwan’s largest supplier of DC motors, gear motors and Micro Gearboxes. They also have been awarded many prises and certifications throughout the past years.

Quality standards of Sayang Ye

They have high quality standards and to be able to keep track of the industries standards Shayang Ye has qualified for the ISO 9001, TS16949 and ISO14001 certificates. These certificates show the ambition to be up to date with the standards just as others, e.g. Merkle-Korff, in the industry do as well.
We should also mention the Best exemplification of the 4th National quality prize which has been awarded to Shayang Ye in 1993. Since then we have been awarded with multiple prizes and have partnered with different international companies.

Today’s product range

As mentioned above Shayang Ye started out with producing the Pressure Gauges for fire extinguishers and have worked themselves up to being in the worldwide Top 3 producers for DC motors, geared motors and Micro Gearboxes.
On our website you will find following products:

- Planetary geared motors
- Spur Geared motors (RA)
- Spur Geared motors (RB)
- Encoders
- Optical Encoders

You can find all of their high quality products on the webpage of Shayang Ye and also purchase them in their web shop. Also they will help you with any inquiries you have via their phone numbers or their email address.

Usage and Industries for geared motors

You can find Shayang Ye’s geared motors and Encoders implemented in various industries. Here are some examples:

- Automotive
- Farming
- Medical and Rehabilitation
- Door Automation
- Renewable Energies
- Commercial Refrigeration
- Commercial Food Equipment
- Business / Equipment Automation
- Pumps / Valves

These are only a few examples in which industries you can find DC motors and gear motors. Here some explicit examples where to find gear motors:

- ATM machines
- Ticket vendors
- Milking machines

So now you have an idea what expertise and production Shayang Ye offers.

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