Accepting Bitcoins Would Make Transactions Easier For Merchants

From: DS-Exchange
Published: Mon May 28 2018

Thousands of businesses around the world are starting to deal in bitcoins after recognising its economic importance. It not only helps in reducing costs but also makes transactions simple and efficient without excessive controls. And yet, there are other merchants that are still hesitant about this form of transactions. As with any technology, with the rewards come a new set of risks. However, the Bitcoin wallet in the UK has proven time and again that the advantages far outweigh any risks.

Not everyone understands the intricacies of this transaction method or how it works. It is good to start off by saying that the volatility of the world economy has no bearing whatsoever on the stability of the bitcoin. Regardless of fluctuation, merchants can set-up their Bitcoin process to convert immediately so that the volatility does not impact their transactions.

It is also good to note that Bitcoin charges significantly lower transactions fees as compared to debit and credit card purchases. Small businesses in particular pay higher credit card fees than larger businesses who have a greater negotiating power. Small businesses may end up paying between 2-4% for each credit card transaction and with hidden fees this can quickly add up to much more.

Bitcoin, charges less than 1% in fees on credit card transactions. When merchants accept virtual currency it saves them from losing out on revenue to debit and credit card fees.
It is critical for small businesses to have cash in hand. Accepting Bitcoin payments will give merchants the opportunity to have cash in hand instead of relying on alternative payments which may take days to process. With many debit and credit card payments, the funds can be held in escrow. This is not applicable to Bitcoin transactions. When a customer makes a Bitcoin payment, the merchant receives it immediately and then it is converted, which means it is guaranteed money in hand.
The Director of DS-Exchange stated that: "Merchants can manage their funds from anywhere in the world, at any given time with their cryptocurrency debit card. Sending and receiving money has never been easier and we offer 100% security and tremendous benefits to all our customers for every Bitcoin transaction."

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