Accessing Global Value Chains in China and Japan

From: Cambridge Wireless
Published: Tue Mar 30 2010

Since 1979, China has reformed and opened its economy. The Chinese leadership has adopted a more pragmatic perspective on many political and socioeconomic problems, and has reduced the role of ideology in economic policy. China's ongoing economic transformation has had a profound impact not only on China but on the world. The market-oriented reforms China has implemented over the past two decades have unleashed individual initiative and entrepreneurship. The result has been the largest reduction of poverty and one of the fastest increases in income levels ever seen. China today is the fourth-largest economy in the world. It has sustained average economic growth of over 9.5% for the past 26 years.

As a rich economy and major global trader and investor, Japan is a major partner for the EU. Japan is the world's second largest national economy, accounting for 2% of the world population and around one eight of world GDP. Japan is a rich country: it has the greatest savings of any nation and the largest foreign currency reserves in the world (over $840 billion in 2005). Japan is the UK's largest export market after Europe and the US, and Britain is Japan's ninth largest market. Total export of goods in 2008 stood at £3.68bn.

A long-term commitment and market strategy are required to become established in both China and Japan. It takes time and patience, but as many British companies have found, it repays the effort many times over.

"In Europe, companies like to do business with companies and individuals who often simply represent the corporations behind them. Roles and responsibilities are fairly clear and relatively uncomplicated", commented Ting Zhang, Founder and CEO, China Business Solutions. "However, if you are keen to harness the global powerhouse that China represents then you must be prepared to throw out everything you know about doing business in the West and be prepared for a very different kind of business relationship."

‘There is a common misconception that doing business in China is the same as doing business in Japan and this is not necessarily the case. Both the Chinese and Japanese markets share different business ethos and values and companies in the UK who are looking to enter into these markets need to be aware of the differences’, added the CEO of Cambridge Wireless, Dr. Soraya Jones.

Cambridge Wireless, in partnership with UKTI, are delighted to offer this free, unique case-study based forum. Join this event to hear 'real' stories of UK companies that have taken on the challenges that these markets pose. Whether you are entering one of these markets for the first time, or have already engaged one but are looking to enter the other, you will find this event will arm you with the relevant information to consider your new market entry. In addition, interactive Q&A will give you the opportunity to ask the market experts questions relevant to your business.

Confirmed speakers include: Steve Crane, CEO, Electronics Link Japan, Colin Newman, Global Sales Director, Antenova, Richard Fry, VP Business Development, Cognovo, Steve Davey, Business Development Director for Technology Licensing, BT, Matt Round, Creative Director, Tangerine London and Ting Zhang, Founder and CEO, China Business Solutions.

The event will be held at The Moller Centre, Churchill College, University of Cambridge, Storey’s Way, Cambridge, CB3 0DE on 21st April 2010 from 09:00 to 15:15

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