Affordable Local and Social Internet Marketing for Small Businesses

From: Blend Local Search Marketing
Published: Thu May 20 2010

It’s still a tough and uncertain time for trading in any business sector post election but small local businesses can now finally compete with the big companies and beat them at their own marketing game.

While top end grocers (TEG’s) are not content to dominate with their hyper stores and continue to pursue their growth with ‘Local’ and ‘Metro’ brands, Google now offer small and medium size businesses a golden opportunity to get seen where the customers are looking… and that’s on the net.

One London based internet marketing company is aiming to provide all the internet marketing strategies these small companies need at affordable rates to dominate in online local search. Perry Stevens founded the company, Blend Local Search Marketing in 2009. Prior to establishing Blend, Perry worked in marketing with some of the biggest household brands in the world before running his own successful small business, a production company again in London.

Blend was born of the advertising shift from TV, radio and traditional print media to online, viral, social and local marketing. Small businesses are now able to claim and build their own real estate in the form of web properties and utilize the growing trend for social networking, video and map marketing to lazer target new customers elevate their company profiles to rock star status .

‘It’s very important for business to claim their brand online. This means claiming a listing in Google local, registering websites and having accounts and profiles in all the major social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Youtube’. Perry continues ‘If you don’t claim your brand, there is a strong chance someone else will ‘hijack’ it and create all kinds of problems for you down the line’.

Blend Local Search Marketing is not an SEO company in the traditional sense. Blend build and optimize web properties and directory listings for small companies with or without a website. However they strongly recommend a website or Blog for maximum effect in local search results to stay ahead of their competition, help build their brand and create invaluable company awareness.

Blend offers three affordable packages to get any small business on the first page of Google in local search - Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Blend claim your business listings and then build and fully optimize each web property with videos, photos, keyword rich copy and use a whole suite of tools to rank you higher then your competition, using the keyword phrases your customers use to find you.

Every small business today should have a web presence and Blend’s ‘Local Map Marketing Service’ is the affordable first steps to be seen were the customers are searching and that’s online.

A reported 86% of all local searches are online with 90% of these searches resulting in offline activity. 61% of this offline activity results in a purchase with 90% of these consumer purchases being made within a 20 mile locality of where people live or work. If you run a local company wouldn’t you want those customers coming to you? Your competition certainly would!

If your company isn’t seen on the first page of Google, the fact is you are not going to get any customers from online. Can your business afford to miss out on new customers, growth and sales?

The real beauty of investing in local and social marketing is three fold:

Firstly, it’s working for you 365 days a year all round the clock (sounds like the perfect employee!) and continues to grow and evolve over time.

Secondly is the invaluable dialogue you can have with your customers. You want them to be talking about your products and services so why not lead the discussion and build long lasting relationships with them?

Thirdly, most people like to do business with people they know. By stamping your personality all over your web properties, searches get to know you and long standing, trusting relationship are formed.

A strong Local Map Marketing strategy will raise your company profile above your competition, engage and inform your customers which in turn result in retaining old and creating new customers, more sales and a healthy ROI.

For more information on internet marketing for small business in the UK contact Blend Local Search Marketing.

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