Analysis: Who Really is Most Popular with Electors ?

From: Purple Agency
Published: Mon Apr 26 2010

Leading data driven marketing agency - The Purple Agency has been trying to solve this knotty problem using its advanced database management expertise.

Applying a sophisticated model that correlates the names of the main party leaders with their popularity amongst 33 million registered voters, we have come up with some startling revelations!

Nick Clegg may have caught the eye of the public with his recent performance in the televised debates, but the names Nicholas or Nick Clegg came out way below the other party's leaders in the name popularity stakes, with only 10 Nicholas Clegg™s found on the 2010 Electoral Roll.

David Cameron put in a creditable performance with 334 Electors sharing his name, a 45.5% share of the party leaders™ names (rather better than his showing in recent national opinion polls!) with an (unsurprisingly?) high level of support North of the border!

After all the brickbats of recent weeks Gordon Brown at 390 still shaded it in the party leader name stakes, with a 53.1% share across UK Electors who share their name with one of the 3 main party leaders.

So if you're still undecided on which party to vote for on May 6th, and are looking for a new way to "split hairs" we hope we've aided your decision making process - well, at least it beats closing your eyes and sticking a pin in the ballot paper!

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