Architectural design trends in 2016

From: Aracome
Published: Wed Jan 18 2017

Trends are always evolving with design changes and define a generation. Although trends donít emerge as rapidly here as they do in say, lifestyle, the economic condition / environmental challenges and demographic portfolio all reflect and play a vital role in the choices of materials, designs, interiors, automation and construction technique for residential dwellings.

A trend is something that takes off and has the potential to sustain as well as give direction for decades in some cases characterizing an era. The following few trends in materials, concepts and strategies will be coming to more homes and will influence real estate choices in the forthcoming years.

1. Modern Metallics - The showstopper of 2016 is going to be metallics, bringing a sophisticated and glamorous metallic sturdy touch to any space. Whether it be including a sleekness with metallic silver or chrome or giving a warmth with space to any metal being- gold, rose gold or copper, every architectural institute of design will greatly benefit from this trend.

In spite of the fact that we have had the utilization of metals for a long period of time now, one key difference that sets this yearís utilization compared to the previous years is the flexibility to play around with mix and match of metals. This concept brings in huge variation of metal usage and their base characteristics thereby providing a pleasant feel to each home.

2. Open concept/sustainable design: Every room with a door and four walls has become a history today. Instead of these traditional rooms, within open concept rooms are visually connected making a home without separations and thereby giving a feel of having huge space. The trending rooms are more defined by changes in the ceiling or floors rather than walls. These spaces connect with each other without barriers creating a more minimalistic interior design.

Cultural trends have long been known to influence the design and the coming years will reflect a big bang towards eco-friendly interiors making a more environment-friendly design. Also, itís ideal to focus on using interior design elements such as outdoor fabrics, deep kitchen drawers, bedrooms with rustic wood on walls and ceilings, bathrooms with graphic wallpaper and ornate chandeliers and finally incorporating natural materials such as wood or stone that not only look great but are also well made and eco-friendly.

3. Wild Geometrics: This is a rejuvnation of the 70s that has come back round as trends repeats themselves. When it comes to grooming the visual interest of a room adding a few geometric shapes always comes up trumps.
A positive attribute about this trend is that it can easily be incorporated into any style of architectural design be it a square or rectangle. Those who like an ultra-modern sleek look should consider choosing shapely furniture pieces or light fixtures. In some instances, just try incorporating a geometric pattern into the room using floor tiles thereby making it more classic and affordable.
4. Characteristic Interiors: Interior styling trends will always reflect personal interest and experiences. Combinations of styles, pieces, materials, colours and positioning will be the direction for many homes. The coming years vow for art decorated inspiring patterns and shapes, traditional indoor fabrics, coloured stainless steel appliances, graphic wallpapers, workhouse island style kitchens, fully decorated living rooms, dazzling prints and textures, bold powder room wall coverings and eclectic and sophisticated looking modern kitchens.

Pantone recently announced the 2016 colour of the year and for the first time, itís a pairing of two colours ó Serenity and Rose Quartz which are slightly dustier versions of baby blue and blush pink.
Make up the best home with these interior combos.

5. Integration of Outdoor and Indoor: What used to be a much-defined line or wall is now diminished. Rooms now blend into the outdoors since homeowners want the exterior area to be just as important as the interior living spaces and are including everything from full kitchens to furniture and TVís.

Private courtyards that open up to two or three rooms in the home extend the living and entertaining space and accessibility as well as the utility. The trend may further increase interest in landscape design since the greater connection will make yards more a part of homes rather than separate entities to be enjoyed in prime weather.
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