Asian Insurers Maximizing Profits with Rich Media Mobile Messaging

From: moLotus
Published: Tue Mar 07 2017

The mobile technology has improved a lot, especially in last decade. Mobile devices have become more powerful and useful than ever. This handheld device plays an increasingly important role in our lives. Its availability is rapidly spreading throughout the globe and is making things possible with a finger touch.

The digital revolution has started and it has a long way to go. From banking to insurance, 2017 holds a new bundle of opportunities to be explored – for the next phase of technology is dynamic, gigantic and forceful.

Leading Insurers are relying on personalized and rich media mobile video messages platform to acquire and retain their customers. Because these high impact messages have easy response capabilities and quickly establishes a two-way brand-to-customer dialogue.

moLotus—a Mobile Video Customer Engagement Platform, reaches out and interacts with brand’s customer-base. Its rich media content formats and sophisticated mechanics when combined with relevant offers and call-to-actions, has proven effective in revenue generation, customer acquisition, plan upgrades, cross-selling, lead generation and more.

Bancassurance & Co-branded Campaigns

New customer acquisition through co-branded and Bancassurance campaigns can be facilitated by moLotus’ illustrative product videos, visuals and offers. These rich media mobile campaigns can be personalized (with name and more) and customized (in terms of language, offer and content). For more information, customers can click on the links, request more videos or connect to brand’s customer service—all with one touch.

Given mobile video messaging scalability and configurations, Insurers can execute large campaigns with sophisticated mechanics quickly and effectively. The rich multimedia mobile messaging Online Campaign Console provides convenient campaign management, monitoring and reporting. Additionally, there are significant cost savings when compared to traditional campaigns.

Lead Capture

This facility can leverage your existing spend in traditional and online advertising while capturing the names and numbers of interested prospects. The personalized mobile messaging platform helps deliver the powerful video to the prospects mobile phones, enhancing customer conversion ratio.

Maximizing Customer Lifetime Revenue

Upgrades and Cross-sell is the bread and butter revenue for Insurers. As customer data is already available with them, campaigns can be highly personalized, customized and timed for maximum effectiveness. Customers always respond better when their name is mentioned, when their primary language is used, when the promo content fits their demographics and the timing is relevant. (Example- birthday wishes, festival greetings, etc.)

With rich audio-visual medium, Insurers can put in place year long campaigns that generate steady new revenue.

Customer Retention

For Insurers, acquiring new customers is costlier than retaining them. Ensuring timely premium payments and avoiding lapses is important too. The moLotus Milestone edition provides an easy way to execute this. Insurance companies can define campaigns for events such as Renewals, Birthdays, Premiums, and other touch points with personalized and customized templates. Its Milestone edition can be configured to automatically deliver the personalized message to customer on the relevant day. This ensures that the brand is always top-of-mind and the customer feels cared for.

The emerging Asian markets are expected to grow steadily from an estimated 5.3% in 2016 to 5.7% in 2017 and 6.7% in 2018 (source: Swiss Re). And, moLotus is the ideal tool to take maximum advantage of this opportunity.

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