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Published: Thu Jul 15 2010

Every individual always wants to become the cynosure of all eyes through their attractive look and dress sense. Women have got plenty of scope to beautify themselves by paying attention to their hair, face, hands, fingernails, feet and toenails. They generally undertake this task themselves or through the professional assistance of beauticians. Various hair and beauty products are an integral part of any beauty treatment. Your journey to stardom remains incomplete without them. Tools like hair cutting scissors, nail and tope nippers, tweezers, and feathering razors need to be of the highest quality to accomplish your intended styling. The purchase of these items has been a matter of concern for many. But, not anymore!

Since the inception of Paragon Enterprise in the United Kingdom, the quality concerns of these aforesaid items are things of past. As a prominent manufacturer and distributor of hair and beauty products, it has won countless hearts with its range of products, their functionality and excellent delivery service. Paragon has paid special attention to manicures and pedicures by offering advanced cuticle nippers, nail and toe nippers. All these tools are effortless to operate and low-priced to come within your means.

The trade name ‘Glow’ manufactured and marketed by Paragon Enterprise is well-known in the beauty world for its innovativeness and premium quality. Both professionals and household users are great admirers of this brand. They find Glow products such as manicure and hair cutting scissors, comedone extractors, nail pushers, nail cutters, and nail and foot buffers extremely multipurpose for all kinds of beautifications. Paragon believes in constantly evolving its product range to make the tasks of its customers simpler and more enjoyable.

Pointing out their shipping and payment methods, a representative of Paragon Enterprise says, "All our in-stock retail orders are dispatched within 2 to 3 business days of receipt of payment. Out of stock retail orders are sent within 4 to 8 business weeks of receiving the payment. Similarly, we fulfill wholesale orders inside 4 to 8 weeks. For the convenience of our customers, we offer all sorts of payment methods such as cheques, postal orders, PayPal or secure online payment using credit cards."

Maintaining a high level of quality is the hallmark Paragon as all its hair and beauty products are built of erosion-resistant steel alloys and completely tried out for their caliber. The price factor is not overlooked because you can come across eye-catching discounts of up to 12.5% on retail purchases and 25% on wholesale purchases. Paragon Enterprise offers a complete hair and beauty solution under one roof. You can visit its website http://www.paragonenterpriseltd.com/ to purchase any type of hair cutting scissors, feathering razors, or tweezers.

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