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From: Avatan Handling Equipment Ltd
Published: Thu Jun 10 2010

One of the less publicised effects of the past couple of years' of economic turmoil for businesses has been significant fluctuations in stock levels, with stock moving slowly one month and then very quickly being transported away the next. The use of low cost pallets and storage boxes has been essential in keeping up with the varying pace of business, and Avatan have been working hard to provide businesses with a range of solutions to help them cope in the best possible way.

Avatan have developed one of the widest ranges of pallets in the UK, with post, steel, mesh, wooden and plastic pallets available in a range of sizes and strengths, including four way entry pallets and pallet boxes which combine the convenience and safety of a pallet base with side panels to contain smaller, loose stock safely. Stackable pallets have also proven to be of great help, as well as pallet racking to allow safe and secure storage of stock.

For smaller stock items, or for moving lightweight stock around plastic storage boxes have been relied on for many years, but even here Avatan have upped the game, providing a huge range of plastic storage boxes to increase the versatility, choice and convenience for small businesses. Plastic storage boxes with mesh sides for ease of visibility, or solid sides for increased security or protection, stackable plastic storage boxes and nesting boxes have all allowed businesses to have more choice, and more flexibility, helping to cope more easily with the natural fluctuations in the world of business and warehousing today.

For more information about Avatan, their range of pallets and plastic storage boxes visit http://www.avatan.co.uk/ .

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Avatan Handling Equipment has over 20 years' experience in supplying pallets, pallet racking and plastic storage boxes to businesses across the UK.

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Company: Avatan Handling Equipment Ltd
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Contact Email: highposition2011@gmail.com
Contact Phone: 020 8429 4444

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