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From: Career Journey International
Published: Wed Feb 27 2013

The bet name for the international internship programs, Career Journey International is now offering their services online. They are now available at

The international internship programs are the best way to develop a lead over the other students in a field. There are all kinds of internships available for the students to opt for but which one suits them the best is not easy to decide. They need to go through a brain churning process to decide which program to choose. Making things easier for the students in terms of international internships, Career Journey International has launched its online website. They are now offering all the information about their international internship programs on

With the availability of these experts online any student can get the international work experience through their programs easily. The Career Journey International is an organization that is specialist in the domain of international internships. They are a specialist who provides tailor-made International Internships and Taster Weeks programs in a wide sector of the business setups in India. They organize large-scale international conferences specially aimed at student’s business executives and young professionals.

The design of the internship programs of these experts is based on the philosophy to provide mutual benefit to both the interns and originations. Students get to know the vast and varied culture of the other countries while the organizations get to have the opportunity to have a diversified employee base.

Career Journey international is guided by the four major principles of Quality, Experience, Enjoyment and Safety. They imbibe all these four factors in their every internship program they develop. The fields they cover under their internship programs are a no match. They provide internship abroad in fields of Architecture, Consultancy, Events Management, Fashion, Film, Finance, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, International Business, Indian Premier League, Journalism, Law, Medical Elective, NGO, Photography, PR & Marketing, Publishing, Real Estate, Sport, Internships Overview, Internship Reviews, Application Process, Scholarship Scheme and Internship Photos.

These are some of the fields they cover under their internship programs. Students will hardly find any such area of their service that will not be concerned with their safety. They put a great emphasis on the security of the students abroad. They have made the use of the strict security protocols to make students safer on a foreign land. To make their services truly reliable and affordable for the students they have invested a lot in the training courses they are offering. They are providing highly specialized ad tailor made courses for the students to get the most out of the opportunities in their respective field of interest. They are providing full description about their services on their website.

To make one stop shop for all the requirements of the students they are providing all details on their website. They are a group of professionals who always strive to bring perfection in the interns through their training methodologies. With their tailor made internship programs they try to achieve this goal and are ready to take all the pain and stake necessary to achieve it. With their online website they are expecting to get a positive response from student worldwide.
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