Business Branding Packages launched by BlueFlameDesign to assist new businesses

From: BlueFlameDesign
Published: Mon Aug 23 2010

Whether a business is well established or just starting up – it’s vital that the corporate identity works. Strong, representative branding communicates the right message to the target audience of potential clients or customers.

A logo is a graphic symbol that visually communicates a company, product or service. It is design in its purest form and expresses the essence of a brand in a way that transcends barriers of language and culture. Ideally it should be simple yet unique and translate well in all modes of communication, and is the heart to a successful branding. In today’s competitive market a business branding and corporate identity needs to have something special. The logo is the foundation of a companies brand, and the starting point for building a professional company branding.

Matt Bennett, owner of BlueFlameDesign comments: 'Starting up or running a small business can be expensive and it's tempting to cut corners. Producing a logo and promotional material are the areas where this is probably the most common - but be aware, it can be detrimental to your sales!'

'One of the most important things you can do as a business owner is to ensure that the visual representation of your business is both professional in appearance and projects the right message to your potential customers'.

'You get one chance to make a first impression so make sure it counts. The consequences are simple - customers won't take your business seriously, they may pass you by and never return'.

To assist businesses with a professional looking start, BlueFlameDesign, a UK based graphic design, branding and print marketing agency located in Billingshurst, West Sussex, have developed a series of 'Business Branding Packages' tailored to suit new start-ups and small businesses looking for a professional and affordable branding or re-branding option.

BlueFlameDesign owner Matt Bennett continues: 'With 'give-away' design packages bundled with computers nowadays, people take it upon themselves to design their own company logo, but this is not designing or developing a business brand. This is a mistake that seems to be all too common. Hopefully, by releasing our 'Business Branding Packages' we are helping new businesses start off with an affordable and consistent brand identity along with keeping the quality of design higher with the logos that are being produced for businesses today'.

'A new logo design or makeover, executed correctly, can infuse a company brand with new excitement, new blood and a new lease on day-to-day ‘team spirit’ within the company. Even major corporations change their identity once in a while – BT, Intel and BP are a couple of examples'.

Matt Bennett explains further: 'A business is continually growing, accepting new clients, expanding the services offered and so forth. The company logo however still looks and says the same as it did five, ten, possibly more, years ago. The company may have changed it's market focus and needs a logo that is more in line with, and appealing to, its current demographics. For example, an estate agent branching out from residential lettings to commercial, retail or trade sales may consider an updated corporate branding to reflect the new diversity to the company. A logo and identity makeover can certainly help with that. An updated font, a revised colour palette, even incorporating a new company strap line that explains the companies services correctly to attract the right audience will all help in bringing the brand up to date and better aligned to the business. Think of how many potential customers could pass by simply because your not saying the right message!'

'If you are a business owner then look at your company logo and ask yourself - how is your logo doing? Does it reflect your current customer focus, or is it stuck representing what your company used to do? Does it look just like every other logo in your industry, or is it unique? And most importantly, when someone sees your logo, do they remember who you are and what you do?'

'If you decide to redesign, or simply refresh, your company logo, make sure you do it professionally. These days, a logo isn’t just for stationery and business cards. It will be on your website, your corporate brochure, company newsletters, your building sign, if you have one, press advertising, maybe your employee uniforms or delivery trucks, the list goes on so it’s important to get it right'.

Matt Bennettt concludes: 'A refreshed corporate branding and identity could give a company the edge over its competitors!'

As an experienced creative, graphic design, branding and print marketing agency, BlueFlameDesign have all the experience and capability required to create eye-catching designs, press ready artwork and high-quality print that every business requires to get itself established and recognised.

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