BuzzSumo Raises Seed Capital From Angel Investors

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Published: Tue Apr 15 2014

BuzzSumo was founded by Henley Wing and James Blackwell in 2012. Their original idea was to surface innovative and trending content by searching for the most shared content across all the social networks. This was taken a step further by adding tools to analyze the key influencers that amplified the most shared content.

BuzzSumo has crawled over 80m urls and tracked over 1 billion social shares. It has also crawled details for 40m influencers and sharers so you can now analyze the urls shared by key influencers.The insights gained from using the tool allow marketers to develop improved SEO campaigns, influencer outreach programs and to develop content marketing that engages users. The tool is also used by many journalists to keep tabs on trending content across social networks.

The Angel Investors are Steve Rayson and Stephen Walsh, who were co-founders of Kineo, an online learning and communications company, which was sold to City & Guilds in 2012. They have always had a passion for social media and content marketing, and Steve reviews social media tools regularly for his weekly SMToolbox column for Social Media Today.

Speaking following the announcement Steve Rayson commented "I first came across BuzzSumo in my social media tools research and loved the way it used social networks as a content discovery layer. I also loved the simplicity, just type in a topic and it returns the most shared content for any topic and the key influencers. I am very excited by the work that James and Henley have undertaken and by the potential for BuzzSumo. The social media tools market is crowded which I know as well as anyone. However, this tool truly brings something unique. The use case is based on addressing the real needs of marketers and developing valuable insights. The simplicity of the interface design is also a joy to use, just give it a try."

Co-founder Henley Wing commented "We are at a really exciting stage in the development of BuzzSumo and have lots of new features in the pipeline to meet the needs of marketers such as comparing the content performance of different companies, analyzing influencers by topic and company and their impact on content amplification. It is great to be working with people like Steve and Stephen that have successfully launched and built start-ups from scratch. We have ambitious plans for the next few years and are really excited about the future. I would like to thank all of our subscribers and users for their continued support."


Note to Editors

BuzzSumo ( is a social analytics tool that allows people to find the most shared content, links and influencers. The tool allows in-depth filtering by date, by content types and types of influencers. The base product and the most shared content searches are and always will be free to users. New paid plans and features will be launched later in 2014. The terms of the seed funding have not been disclosed.

Twitter praise for BuzzSumo includes:

Sean McBride ‏@seanmcbride
BuzzSumo is the best social media dashboard for tracking what is happening on the Internet for any topic. (via )

What are the most popular trends and links on social media today? BuzzSumo will help you find out

Travis Wright‏ @teedubya
I think that @buzzsumo is my new favorite social media tool du jour. It surfaces amazing content and influencers. Good stuff!

Chris Lake‏ @lakey
Loving Buzzsumo - useful to see what content is popular on the social networks (sharecounts, etc)
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