Carbon Offset Diesel Pioneer Barnfield Construction Becomes Greener

From: Crown Oil UK
Published: Wed Jan 26 2011

Responding to environmental concerns, Barnfield Construction has become one of the first contractors in the UK to adopt Crown Oil’s carbon offset Diesel for all its site operations. Based in Lancashire’s Colne Valley, Barnfield is a company committed to sustainable construction and has a certified environmental management policy under ISO14001. The company has undertaken a major environmental audit as a basis for continuing action to reduce carbon output.

"As part of our programme of improvement we were concerned about emissions from our large vehicle and plant base," explained contracts manager James Webber. "Biodiesel was considered, but we rejected this on the grounds that plant would require expensive modifications. The carbon offset Diesel from Crown provided an instant solution. In addition to providing fuel, Crown Oil was able to advise us on more efficient Diesel usage. We also implement a policy of updating plant with more efficient equipment as it is renewed."

Speaking for Crown Oil, general manager Mark Andrews explained, "Our carbon offset Diesel is technically the same as standard red Diesel used in site plant such as excavators, dump trucks, generators and cranes. We have bought high quality carbon offset credits from a company that is engaged in carbon reduction and sequestration projects worldwide. Like all Diesel our product does emit carbon into the atmosphere, but this is cancelled out by applying the carbon offset credits."

Crown Oil is happy to advise construction companies on fuel use and to make recommendations for direct carbon reduction by more efficient plant operation. Crown Oil already offsets 100 percent of the fuel used in the delivery of its road fuels and site fuels to its customers. The company offer a nationwide site fuel service for the construction industry backed by practical assistance with safe fuel bunkering, fuel management and programmed deliveries to avoid outages.

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Additional information for Editors
The aim of carbon offsetting is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Carbon offsets are measured in metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent. One carbon offset equals one metric tonne. Industries that are heavy producers of greenhouse gasses have consents, known as carbon credits that set a limit on their capacity to produce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses. If they need to go beyond this cap then they must offset their carbon production by buying carbon offsets.

New carbon offsets are created by projects such as forestry or wind farms that either absorb carbon or produce carbon-free energy. Offsetting can therefore be achieved by either supporting ‘green’ initiatives or by the purchase and retirement of carbon credits so that there is less capacity available to produce greenhouse gas.
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