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From: Cartmell Design Ltd
Published: Mon Mar 30 2015

Cartmell Design Ltd is a UK-Based company that acts as a one stop destination for all your food and beverage packaging design needs.

Cartmell Design Ltd is a packaging design shop for the food and beverage industry, located at Kent, UK. They offer help right from conceptualizing your productís packaging design to its structural construction, packaging materials, visual imagery, and labeling. Their comprehensive services include design strategy, design production, product photography, prototype production, barcode production and testing, print management, and packaging audits.

Cartmell Design Ltd specializes in food and beverage packaging design, and has an experience of over 20 years in the field. They offer design strategy including innovative structural design, material choice research, and sustainable sourcing of packaging material, in order to make sure that the most practical and suitable packaging is used for your food and beverage products.

Cartmell Designís design production services include suggesting the best suited material for your productís packaging, like boxes, cans and cartoons; and creating packaging designs for your food and beverage products with that material chosen.

Barcode Production and testing services of Cartmell Design Ltd is a part of their design and production service. They provide barcodes for your product, which facilitates in generating any information or statistics associated with it during food marketing.

This packaging design company also provides packaging audits which includes the complete nutritional analysis of your products; labeling them as per the labeling rules pertaining to your country. Furthermore, they also offer precise translation of the written content on your productís packaging. They specialize in providing the accurate country-specific terminologies.

They also offer high- resolution product photography services that captures crystal-clear image of your products for labeling purpose. Furthermore, Cartmell Design Ltd have your product professionally styled up and shot by internationally recognized, food stylists and photographers.

Cartmell Design Ltd also provides prototype production services to show you how the final packaging of your product will look and feel like. They use the high end Esko software to generate 3 D visuals of the product design suggested.

Print Management- services offered by Cartmell Design Ltd takes care of all your printing requirements. They offer pre-press management, on-press approvals, on-site approvals, digital pre-flighting, paper advice, board advice, substrate advice, material advice, dummies and mock-ups. They are equipped with their own international packaging suppliers, but if needed they also work with your print suppliers.

Cartmell Design Ltd takes utmost care in ensuring that the packaging materials are of the highest standards, and the printed materials are of high quality by conducting rigorous checks.

Cartmell Design Ltd not only offers packaging design solutions, but also other designing and marketing services such as digital media, food branding, graphic design, publicity and events, and food services. They work mainly with FMCG companies from any part of the world.
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