Conservatory Land's DIY Conservatories Set to Comply with the New 2010 UK Building Regulations

From: ConservatoryLand
Published: Mon Jan 11 2010

The new building regulations that are proposed for later in 2010 have been a hot topic within the conservatory and window industry for some time now and could have an impact on DIY conservatories more than any other associated product in the market. In light of these new regulations Conservatory Land are ensuring that they offer DIY Conservatories which will comply with these new regulations.

If applied to conservatories, the new regulations will mean that all foundations and building works will have to comply with certain requirements such as deeper footings and insulated bases and walls in addition to the windows and roof needing to achieve minimum thermal efficiency. These changes will have a greater impact on DIY conservatories as it would involve additional work and costs for the consumer.

The additional costs of energy efficient frames and roofs cannot be avoided and would be the same if the consumer opted for a fully installed conservatory package, however there would be extra costs for putting a DIY conservatory project through building control albeit a relatively small cost compared to the financial savings that can still be made.

The main issue for DIY conservatories will be that a substantial amount of additional work will be involved the foundations and base. This can be easily be overcome by using a steel conservatory base and wall system such as conservabase, which meets and exceeds all proposed and relevant building regulations in respect of thermal efficiency and structural integrity.

David Bingham, Director of Conservatory Land says "The conservabase steel base system is an excellent product that complies with all current and proposed building regulation requirements. Its ease of use is expected to revolutionise the way conservatories are built in the UK over the coming years".

"The great thing about steel conservatory bases is that they cost no more than building a conventional base using concrete and bricks but are far easier and quicker to construct and are the perfect solution for DIY conservatories as there are no builders, brick layers or other outside trades needed."

"Steel bases simply sit on concrete foundation blocks and bolt together, requiring very little skill which can easily be carried out by any average DIY’er and therefore saving money on contracted labour and skips as there is no spoil to dispose of."

For more information about DIY conservatories and associated building regulations, contact: David Bingham, ConservatoryLand, Old Mill Park, Mansfield Woodhouse, Nottinghamshire, NG19 9BG, Telephone: 01623 488 887, Fax: 0870 123 1670

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