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From: Rainbow Campaign
Published: Wed Sep 30 2015

Rainbow Campaign announced its launch of the LGBT crowdfunding network, which aims at empowering local LGBT communities with an online platform for global support of their LGBT projects. Unlike the major players in the industry, such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo, which are open for campaigns of any interest or group, Rainbow Campaign is a niche crowdfunding platform that exclusively focuses on projects that are aimed to benefit the interests and needs of the LGBT community worldwide. The LGBT crowdfunding network also offers all its users the option of choosing between two popular project-funding models: fixed (all-or-nothing) or flexible (keep-it-all).
Rainbow Campaign CEO and Founder, Douglas Griffin said, "Our mission is to leverage the Internet to empower local LGBT communities on a global scale. Whether the projects are creative arts or design, projects to raise awareness and equality or of personal need Rainbow Campaign is open for any kind of projects that aim to support the goal of LGBT related purposes." Caroline Catasta, Marketing Executive of Rainbow Campaign adds, "Of course, the campaigns can be funded by anyone who is interested in the projects LGBT and their allies."

Their first campaign is a brave project by a Russian theatre/dance group that seeks to raise awareness about same-gender love and HIV in Russia. Because of the "Russian LGBT propaganda law" it is immensely difficult for the campaign team to raise funds from within Russia. The global exposure of Rainbow Campaign aims to support them on an international level.

Rainbow Campaign takes an active part to support and promote its campaigners in order for them to reach their campaign goals totally free of charge:

Cooperation with influential LGBT associations worldwide
Social Media and Press Promotion
Professional Press Release Creation and Submission
Backend analytics to monitor campaign activity

About Rainbow Campaign: Rainbow Campaign is a LGBT Crowdfunding Network based in Vienna, Austria. Launched in 2015, Rainbow Campaign provides a platform for LGBT-related projects to be funded by the crowd.
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