Dapper Outfitters has newly introduced mens Swim Shorts collection

From: Dapper Outfitters
Published: Tue Nov 10 2015

The online men’s wear shop Dapper Outfitters announces today the introduction of a complete new segment: men’s swim shorts. Understanding the tastes of beach lover masculine customers, the company is currently offering 8 different models of swim shorts or trunks.

The company has made available product details of each model on their website accompanied by instant shopping option. Dapperoutfitters.com has provided details on available sizes for each item and guidelines to choose the best fitted size for a customer. Besides, the estimated time that the delivery of a product in Australia or outside may take is alongside informed.

Currently there are 8 men’s swim shorts models, available online for shopping. The product range includes: Purple Paisley Swim Shorts, Blue Paisley Swim Shorts, Pink Paisley Swim Shorts, Red Stripped Swim Shorts, Red Paisley Swim Shorts, Anchor Swim Shorts, Blue Stripped Swim Shorts and Skull and Crossbones Swim Shorts.

The products are made of polyester material with soft inner lining for ultimate wearing comfort. Irrespective of the swimming ability, these swim wears are going to attract those men who enjoy the deadly combination of style and comfort. The swim shorts can also be worn as normal summer day wear.

Dapper Outfitters is currently offering men’s swimming shorts in three different sizes: Medium (M), Large (L), and Extra-Large (XL). The size guide provided along with the product description points to the corresponding sizes in centimeter or inches.

The products are uniquely designed as they

• Are custom fitted

• Have elastic waist band for the ease of expansion

• Have pockets, on both sides and also behind

• Are of medium length

• Are made of fabrics that help in fast drying and at the same time gives comfort to the skin

• Are available in three different sizes to fit everyone’s body structure.

The product range targets those men who "enjoy being seen".

About Dapper Outfitters

Dapper Outfitters is a well-known brand for men’s luxury wearing. It is an Australia based online men’s outfit shop. Even in the presence of numerous online men’s wear outlets, the company is reputed for its unique yet affordable men’s wear collection.

The company is constantly innovating and experimenting with its creation and that is very much evident in its already offered items like Fine-Touch Velvet Dress Slippers or Cotton-blend Socks etc. Dapper Outfitters aims to offer best quality product and customer service at the lowest possible price.

Its collection ranges from sober gentleman suits to latest introduced swimming shorts, from sleepers to tie clips and pocket squares. The price range of items is between 15 Euros to 700 Euros. Dapper Outfitters is also famous for offering lucrative rebates to the customers.

To know more about our offered products and services and to have a look at their collections, visit Dapperoutfitters.com.

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