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From: Lucinda Ellery Consultancy
Published: Thu Apr 30 2015

The hair experts of the Lucinda Ellery studios now offer their invaluable hair tips to followers of their social media account. Through Facebook, the celebrity hair extension studio name hopes to enhance the fashion and lifestyles of its clientele beyond the scope of its hair extension services. Exciting content such as daily Lucinda Ellery reviews of celebrity hairstyles and even informative titbits make the online portal a must-visit for the fashion-conscious.

There is more to hair than just cutting it off, lathering on some shampoo and conditioner, and even adding extensions. The most important thing about having hair is that a woman must feel comfortable and confident with her current hairstyle. Hair, after all, is a part of the human body, and should be treated with delicate care. Having a beautiful hairstyle is one thing, but it would be so much better to have hair that feels natural.

Despite advances in medical technology, more and more women are experiencing hair loss troubles, whether from a dermatological case or from a chemotherapy treatment. With advanced hairstyling techniques and equipment, it is now easier than ever for women to attain the hairstyles of their dreams. Add-ons such as hair extensions and hair replacements can modify and enhance even the sparsest of scalps with enough volume.

Lucinda and her hair specialists understand the hairstyle plights of women today, and are using Facebook as a medium to educate and encourage individuals suffering from hair loss. Even celebrity Lucinda Ellery reviews made by the studio offer styling insights that can be emulated. The studio upholds its vision of an uplifting and helpful atmosphere for its clients.

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For more than 20 years, Lucinda Ellery and her dedicated staff of 60 have offered quality hair extension services to women dealing with hair loss. Studios under the Lucinda Ellery name offer friendly and sympathetic hair consultancy services to those whose hair loss experiences are severe. Lucinda Ellery has locations all over the UK and one studio in the US.
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