Diesel Models Comment On Fashion Models Seemingly Getting Younger Throughout The Industry

From: Diesel Models
Published: Fri Feb 12 2010

Diesel Models, an agency tailored to helping young, up-and-coming professional models to create a portfolio and receive professional advice, comment on the news that fashion models seem to be getting younger throughout the industry.

Diesel Models noticed that a recent Heatherette fashion show in New York had children barely older than five or six-years-old strutting down the catwalk at the end of the show - believed to be an industry first. Diesel Models also noticed Gold Coast Fashion, based in Australia, has recently announced 12-year-old Maddison Gabriel as the face of their company which caused large-scale political outcry in the area.

Monitoring has increased in the United States after a scandal broke whereby South American models died from eating disorders in order to look childlike and compete with younger models. Indeed, Diesel Models has also noticed that these monitoring regulations aren't being strictly adhered to, and agencies are still willing to send young, underweight models to casting calls to receive a commission.

"Unscrupulous agencies will resort to any measures necessary for success, and sadly, that international standard seems to be gearing more towards child exploitation and unethical child modelling," says a spokesperson for Diesel Models. "Until a strict, international standard is set, then younger models will always be at risk from predatory managers and dishonest agencies. For those looking to get a professional portfolio and who are looking to steer clear of practices such as this, Diesel Models can help put you in touch with reputable, safe companies if you're a young adult looking to enter a career in modelling. Diesel Models can also help to answer your questions about the industry in general, and will help alleviate any concerns you may have."

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