Digital Signage Market 2025 Development Trends

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Published: Tue Dec 05 2017

In 2012, the Global Digital Signage Market was valued around USD 12.50 billion and is anticipated to reach approximately USD 21.46 billion while maintaining a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.98% during the forecast period owing to rising demand for the digital advertising of services and products in order to draw the target audienceÂ’s attention in an useful manner. The development of innovative products like leak detector systems, home monitoring systems, etc. together with complex monetary products like forex cards that require succinct and informative advertisement matter are few of the driving factors that are expected to fuel the digital signage demand. Additionally, there is an increasing demand for implementing superior products that need digitized information guidance and management which can be accessed from distant locations. This is among the major drivers projected to drive the global market during the forecast years. Digital signage presents the essential quality information to a huge amount of viewers by using big display screens around the location with a focused target audience. Eventually, the rising awareness amongst the consumers about the complexity and drawbacks of conventional advertising like short-lived print marketing is prompting the adoption of digitized advertisement. Moreover, the novel efforts contributed by the researchers, display designers, and promotion agencies are spending extra on the development of the display technology of digital signage. So, all these factors are consecutively anticipated to boost the growth of the global market. With the evolution of LED, OLED, LCD, and Super AMOLED as well as the innovations in display technologies, is fortifying market growth further. These technologies have contributed to the improvement of the advertisement content quality, hence impacting the target audience positively. The implementation of these sophisticated technologies by digital poster suppliers in display systems is estimated to fuel the global market growth. Though, the factors like hardware and software compatibility, electrical interface, connectivity, and networking are some general issues expected to hamper the smooth growth of the market.

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According to applications, the global market is classified into corporate, retail, banking, education, transportation, and healthcare sectors. In 2016, the retail sector reported for the highest market share. The retail section is the most important sector requiring digital advertisements so as to promote and market services and products. The rivalry between the retail merchants due to the range of product benefits in the market has contributed to the increasing awareness levels regarding efficient marketing strategies. Hence, digital posters are used widely by the retailers since digitized advertising is an efficient approach to promoting a product, which draws the consumersÂ’ attention. Further, the banking segment is another important use of this technology. This is assigned to the wide existence of ATMs, banks, and other bank-related facilities like e-banking centers. This sector is expected to show growth at a stable pace and must keep on bestowing constantly to the global market share. The transportation segment involves the application of digital posters & promotions at railway stations, airports, bus stands, and metro stations. Due to rising improvement in the transportation sector and the increasing urbanization in developing nations, the advertisement market is anticipated to expand, eventually boosting the growth of the global market.

Europe and North America are jointly anticipated to lead during the forecast years owing to the rising presence of committed providers of industrial products and equipment. Additionally, the digitized display demand in the retail market is rising at a significant rate in these areas, which is driving the growth of global industry further. Countries like Germany, United Kingdom, and the United States are anticipated to demonstrate major growth, mainly due to growing R&D efforts contributed by manufacturers in an attempt to improve the advertising content quality. Moreover, augmented governmental initiatives to install digital signage in offices in order to retain constant information stream is yet again expected to propel the growth of the region. Though, the Asia-Pacific regional market is projected to conquest the European regional market by 2022. This expansion of the European market is assigned to the rising awareness levels amongst the regional population concerning digital signage benefits. India, South Korea, and China are predicted to show significant growth, mostly owing to the rising applications over offices, hospitality industry, hospitals, banks, and the retail stores. Also, the growing transportation segment in the Asia-Pacific regional market is expected to drive the market growth further. The increasing disposable earnings of the regionÂ’s population have contributed to a rise in a number of visitors to multiplexes and malls in the developing economies of Asia-Pacific region. Hence, market players are leveraging these opportunities with the intention of promoting their product benefits by utilizing of big displays, sequentially helping them to draw the objective audience in an efficient way.

Major Market Players:

 Microsoft Corporation
 Omnivex Corporation
 Key West Technology, Inc.
 NEC Display Solutions, Ltd.
 ADFlow Networks
 Winmate Communication, Inc.
 LG Electronics
 Samsung Electronics
 Panasonic Corporation

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The global digital signage market is segmented as follows

By Type

• Video Walls
• Transparent LED Screens
• Video Screens
• Kiosks
• Digital Posters
• Other Signage Types

By Component

• Software
• Hardware
• Services

By Technology

• Projection

By Application

• Corporate
• Retail
• Transportation
• Banking
• Education
• Healthcare

By Location

• Out-store
• In-store

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