Digital explosion exposing gaps in skill sets reports leading creative industry recruiter

From: Major Players
Published: Mon May 03 2010

Major Players, the UK’s leading creative and marketing recruiter reports that specialist developer roles are becoming increasingly in demand as the digital jobs sector continues to expand rapidly. In some cases, this is leading to skills shortages across the board. Of the recruiter’s extensive developer database, only 1% have the necessary skills to take advantage of the growing need for Facebook developers.

Borz Farahani, Major Players recruiter for digital technical roles including developer jobs, DBAs, IAs, web analysts and systems admin jobs commented: "With the digital landscape changing so fast and clients wanting more for their money, it pays for developers to keep their skill set as sharp as a tack. To help our candidates focus on what’s in demand, we’ve outlined some of the areas in the digital technical job sector where we’re seeing a lot of movement."

According to Borz, the most in-demand developer jobs are:

Facebook Developer Jobs: "Social gaming is only getting bigger (Farmville anyone?) and our clients are snapping up Facebook developers as fast as we can supply them."

How to get the skills: Get to grips with the Facebook API and FBML (Facebook Markup Language) and you’re on your way.

Front-end developer Jobs: "If you’re not up with JavaScript, you need to be."

How to get the skills: If you’re looking for a front end developer role, make sure you can hand code in JavaScript without the use of libraries such as jQuery. This is vital if you want to win the hottest digital development jobs.

Also, start looking at HTML5 / CSS3. Depending on market take up over the next 12 months, this could have a huge impact on the web, possibly overtaking Flash for popularity. Check out YouTube on the Google Chrome browser – they’re already trialling HTML5.

Creative Developer Jobs: "Got an eye for great design? Understand the user experience? Like I said earlier, our clients want talent that can deliver more for their money. Developers that understand both form and function are always going to get the edge over standard coders."

Get the skills: Get on some short design courses, talk to colleagues in design jobs, check out great websites (Adobe’s site of the day is a good place to start) - and start getting creative. Develop some mock ups or take a look at your previous projects and see where you can improve on usability and design.

Borz adds: "While we’re on the subject of creativity, it’s worth mentioning that in this super competitive market, having a good portfolio is absolutely key. Be sure to include live and up-to date work and include a secure area to upload sample code where potential employers can see your handiwork."

Candidates looking for new opportunities in this rapidly expanding sector should visit the Major Players website for latest digital technical roles including developer jobs, DBAs, IAs, web analysts and systems admin jobs.

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