Disposable Razors Market Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2018 – 2027

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Published: Mon Oct 15 2018

Disposable razors are mainly designed to be discarded after one or two shaves. Most of the razors have plastic handles which are permanently attached to a shaving head. Disposable razors are inexpensive and sold in packs that mostly contain multiple units. Thus, for those who intend to spend minimum money on buying grooming products, disposable razors are the best choice. These devices are a great solution in an emergency which makes them ideal for camping, trekking, travel, and also when a person realizes the need for a quick shave before participating in an important event. Disposable razors provide a lot of convenience, and hence one can end up carrying less in his travel bag.

However, there are some cons associated with disposable razors too apart from the above-mentioned positive factors. Firstly, the razors have a comfortable handle; but the light weight property of the razor forces the user to impart extra pressure on the grip. This may cause the handle slip out from the users’ hands, thus increasing the chances of causing injuries. Moreover, such a grip may accentuate the discomfort a user might face as imparting the right pressure for a relaxed shave becomes a challenge. However, extensive use of these devices has given rise to a distinct disposable razors market, from a global perspective.

Disposable Razors Market: Introduction

Disposable razors are made to be used just once for cleaning and shaving purposes. These razors are completely made of inexpensive materials. The blade used in it cannot be sharpened or replaced. These razors are also known as use and throw razors. With the increase in demand for disposable razors, it is now coming with better elements like lubricated strips that are made of Aloe and vitamin E, and which makes the shaving an extra smooth process. It also comes with an adjustable head that can move along the contour of face. The disposable razors market can be categorized on the basis of material, type, and application. Since the time disposable razors were introduced by Paul Winchell, it became a popular product among both men and women. Many people would still prefer the old and reusable razors as it is considered to be a better option for clean and close shave. It is also considered to be an economical and environment friendly option. But new disposable razors are easily available and are also witnessing a higher demand lately with new advancements being incorporated in them.
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Disposable Razors Market: Drivers and Restraints
With fast paced lives of people, they are more inclined towards use and throw products available in the market instead of cleaning and sterilizing the same blade. This makes the disposable razors a widely used product especially among younger generation. The disposable razors market is also full of buyers with extra disposable income. People who live in the developed economies mostly have extra disposable income that makes them opt for goods that are more convenient and easily available to them, regardless the cost. Furthermore, the increase in population and commercialization, there is a visible increase in the number of people travelling across the world. Such travelers mostly prefer use-and-throw products instead of carrying extra baggage.

However, as the market for disposable razors grows, there are also few other factors that are having a negative impact on the growth of market. With the technological advancements taking place, there are a number of people who are up to date with the latest technologies and have adopted for electric razors. These razors are considered much more convenient and thus, people in developed economies are more influenced by such technologies. Whereas, the people of under developed areas or the ones not exposed to the latest techs rely more on reusable razors which are considered cheaper.

Disposable Razors Market: Regional Outlook
The global disposable razor market is expected to be dominated by developed countries. In addition, APAC which consists of many developing countries is expected to be an emerging and highly attractive market for disposable razors. This can be attributed to the wide adoption of disposable razors in emerging countries such as India and China that have a higher proportion which is not yet inclined towards electric razors as compared to America and Europe.

Disposable Razors Market: Key Players
The global disposable razors market comprises many major companies that are in close competition with each other. Some of these players involved in the manufacturing of disposable razors are Gillette (P and G), DORCO, Energizerm, Laser Razor Blades, FEATHER, Harry’s, LORD, BIC, Liyu K, Jiali, Kaili Razor, Supermax Benxi Jincheng, and Razor LLC etc.

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