E.B. Tool Company Encourages “Crafty” New Year’s Resolutions

From: E.B. Tool Company
Published: Mon Apr 27 2015

About 50 percent of Americans make New Year’s resolutions. Unfortunately, most of these resolutions only last until March. E.B. Tool Company, a Midwest manufacturer of tools for home improvement, encourages those who have resolutions to make 2015 the year to keep these promises.

This year, E.B. Tool Company suggests resolving to work more on a craft of choice. From woodworking and construction to painting or knitting, crafting is an excellent way to relieve stress, create beautiful and practical items, and develop personally.

One of the best ways to keep these resolutions is to make them measureable. Set smaller benchmarks along the way to accomplishing big things so it is easier to see and monitor progress. Then, make a plan of action to achieve each of the benchmarks. Finally, take action and celebrate success along the way.

Having just the right tools also makes it easier to keep resolutions. For woodworking and construction projects, having tool box essentials such as the KwickGripper from E.B. Tool Company is important. Belonging in any professional or DIY tool bag, the KwickGripper magnifies and converts pulling power into leverage, making it efficient and easy to handle jobs involving staple and nail removal, screw removal, and beyond.

Based in Gays Mills, Wisconsin, E.B. Tool Company is an innovative company offering the revolutionary DIY tools carpenters need, including the Kwick Gripper. Invented by the father-son team of Eric and Ben Eby, the Kwick Gripper was created to make nail removal jobs simpler even in difficult situations. Learn more about the Kwick Gripper, which makes it easy to remove a stripped screw or a broken nail, and E.B. Tool Company at www.ebtoolcompany.com.

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