Employment Agencies and Clients Cooperate to Ensure Workplace Safety

From: All Force Labour Solutions
Published: Fri Aug 07 2015

All Force Labour Solutions, one of the foremost employment agencies in Perth, does its part to ensure that workers are safe while they are in the line of duty by fully cooperating with clients. Labour hire is one of the most reliable and well-known hiring options available, and to protect the workers under this arrangement, the Australian government refers to the Work Health and Safety (WHS) Act. Both the employment agency and the company have different responsibilities that must be met before dispatching or hiring workers.

Employment agencies must first identify and eliminate (or at least minimise) the risks to workers. Before placing workers, the agency first reviews the safety record of the company hiring them to ensure that the latter has a safe workplace. Gathering information about the kind of tasks, environment, and skills required comes second; this way, each worker is indeed qualified and has the necessary paperwork. Lastly, the agency must provide a line of communication to employees deployed where they can voice out any concerns about safety.

Of course, the responsibilities of the agency are mirrored by that of the company that hires them. The company must provide detailed information about their requirements, such as equipment to be used, organizational arrangements, type of work and the associated risks, work environment, and skills required. This way, the agency can prepare accordingly and supply only the most qualified workers. Regular consultations with the labour hire agency regarding work and health safety matters should also be conducted to address any issue that might arise.

Full cooperation is the secret to an efficient and long-lasting partnership, especially when it comes to work health and safety.

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