EnergyLogic’s waste oil heaters are in season!

From: EnergyLogic, LLC
Published: Tue Oct 04 2016

The weather is beginning to change and soon enough the heat will be turned on. As the colder seasons are approaching, a simple and effective heating source for your business is necessary. Do you want to not only save money, but oil as well? EnergyLogic came up with a way to burn used oil to heat businesses for cheaper than traditional heating options.

Waste oil heaters are extremely efficient and cost-effective. They are much better for the environment too, as they utilize used oil, hence the term recycled oil heater! EnergyLogic’s heaters warm up your space quicker than the standard heater because the burner gives double the heat-rise, which differs from any other waste oil furnace currently on the market. EnergyLogic’s waste oil heater burns fuel efficiently, but it also burns more types of oil than traditional heaters. The heater burns waste which ranges from 5 weight to 90 weight.

Not only is EnergyLogic’s heater efficient and effective, but it gives more waste oil add-ons than other heating companies. The appliance includes a tank emergency vent, pressure gauge kit, fuel transfer system, and air compressor silencer. The air compressor silencer included with the heater is simple because you can use your own tools and the furnace at the same time. EnergyLogic provides DIY installation and easy monitoring of EnergyLogic’s equipment. These heaters take up little space thanks to the included wall brackets. Furthermore, EnergyLogic’s products always give a simple and maintainable cleanup because of the ash removal port.

Put your waste oil to use and cut your utility bills in half with our recycled oil heaters. These waste oil heaters are always reliable because EnergyLogic shuts-out fuel contaminants with a low fuel switch. EnergyLogic came up with an easy, effective and reliable heating source that every business needs!

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