Energy Performance Certificate Addresses Environmental Concerns

From: UK EPC
Published: Fri Sep 03 2010

In compliance with the European Directive 2002/91/EC on energy efficiency, the Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) were introduced - which provide the rationalised use of energy of a building. Energy efficiency is defined as the use of less energy aimed at reducing the world's energy needs. More and more countries have adapted energy efficiency and renewable energy to support the global sustainable energy policy. Sustainable energy is aimed at addressing global concerns on pollution, global warming, energy security and fossil fuel depletion.

As mandated by law, England and Wales have effected the issuance of EPCs in August 2007 for four or more bedroom domestic properties. In October 2008, rental properties that have a 10-year certificate validity but with a new tenancy which will be commencing on or after 1 October 2008 - are required to get EPCs.

Under the Housing Act of 2004, the Energy Performance of Buildings in England and Wales has been transposed in British law - which was an outcome of the European Union Directive 2002/91/ED.
An EPC is required for property selling, rental, construction or renovation - to allow prospective buyers and renters to compare properties for their energy efficiency. This certificate bears mandatory information about the energy efficiency of a building. The responsibility of buying EPCs falls on the vendor and landlord being the owners of the properties - and for properties under construction, the EPC is borne by the contractor who is doing the construction.
Getting Your Energy Performance Certificates
An EPC is issued by an accredited member of an accreditation scheme - approved by the Department of Finance and Personnel. He/She must possess the skills in carrying out energy assessment and must be very judicious in his/her assessment. There are companies who are accredited under the law to issue EPCs. With the advent of the Internet technology, getting a residential or commercial EPC is easy. offers services relative to the issuance of EPCs. The company guarantees top-calibre local qualified surveyors and energy assessors to produce fully compliant EPCs.
Apply for a quote online at and instantly get it. With its team of qualified personnel, your EPC, whether residential or commercial, not a distant thing to obtain.
Types of EPCs
Residential EPCs apply to certificates for homes - which is the responsibility of the landlord or owner to be issued with, once an energy assessor finds the building is compliant to the EPC regulation. Commercial EPCs, on the other hand, refers to commercial properties - which are on the market for sale or those which are leased.

The EPCs have a 10-year validity period. This means that even if the ownership or tenancy of the building changes within the validity period - the EPC issued for the particular building is honoured. has been providing energy services extensively and involved in the provision of accurate, precise and detailed Energy Performance Certificates totally compliant under the law. With its experience in energy services, the company is one of the leaders in environmental conservation aligned with the international policy on sustainable energy. In addition to the provision of EPCs, UK-EPC extends services from the implementation of the changes in your home up until the finish line of the process.
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