Ephraim Global Appoints Nathan Levesque As Director Of International Research

From: Ephraim Global
Published: Wed Sep 30 2015

"Comprehensive research capabilities are vital to obtaining the broad market insight necessary to deliver the kind of performance that our investors expect" said Erich Ephraim, Chairman and CEO at Ephraim Global. "Mr. Levesque brings an extensive business experience and market research expertise which are fundamental to understanding the development of international market dynamics, uncovering opportunities with definite capital growth potential, pin-pointing risk factors and analyzing the characteristics and requirements of both individual and institutional investors in order to better serve their interests".

In his new position Mr. Levesque will develop and augment Ephraim Global’ current research strategy, structuring the department into teams and appointing projects according to their specialization, determining business sectors which require an increased attention and staying in contact with the departments within the company.

Nathan Levesque joins Ephraim Global with more than 20 years of experience in the public and private sectors with a unique blend of expertise in business, data analysis and international market research.

Levesque has served as head of fixed income research at Perennial from 2009 to 2013. Prior to this position he has served as an Operational Manager at Sprott and data analyst at Khosla Ventures. Most recently he has served as the Managing Director of his own consultancy firm.

"Thanks to Ephraim Global’ commitment to informational foresight and innovation, the company has developed a reputation as one the financial industry’s foremost market research specialists," said Levesque. "I look forward to continuing and improving this tradition and will work to the best of my abilities in connection with my colleagues to deliver the world-class research performance and business excellence that is expected of Ephraim Global".

Mr. Levesque will be based in the company’s corporate headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, and will report directly to Senior Development and Strategy Manager Joseph Neidhardt.

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