Ephraim Global Commences IT-Basics Individual Program

From: Ephraim Global
Published: Wed Sep 16 2015

The program is scheduled to run for a number of six months during which the participants will become familiarized with the basic materials and principles pertaining to IT development in the financial and investment sectors, and later develop projects in cooperation with their colleagues under the guidance of Ephraim Globalís experienced team of IT specialists.

As the name suggests the program will primarily focus on the individual development of each participant who will be supported by a personal coach with which they will design a customized training program and who will oversee their development.

The secondary focus of the program relates to one of the companyís fundamental principles and will concentrate on cooperation amongst the programís participants and developing a vital culture of team work, crucial to the companyís success.

Upon the successful completion of the program the participants will be awarded a certified degree which will attest their abilities and knowledge, and will be able to progress to the position of IT specialist in areas such as project management, integration and process development.

"We are glad to announce the launch of our IT-Basics Individual Program which we anticipate to produce the next generation of skilled Ephraim Global IT specialists" said Eric Ephraim, Chairman and CEO at Ephraim Global. "While we could have taken the easy route and recruit proven IT professionals with a reputation in our industry, it is our companyís firm belief that by leveraging our resources and passing on existing and relevant knowledge and insight we are able to create a far more efficient, disciplined and dedicated team of new IT specialists which will further advance our general performance capacities while offering individuals the opportunity to grow and work in a result-driven professional environment".

It is important to note that there are only 20 available positions within the program which will be awarded after a strict selection process. Ideally, suitable candidates should have no previous working experience; however we also welcome individuals with a background in the IT, engineering, banking and financial sectors. Participation is not restricted geographically to Japan; therefore candidates can apply from all over the world and it is mandatory to have proven excellent skills in both written and spoken English.

Candidates are obliged to send their resumes and cover letters by December 4th which is the end date of the application process. The chosen candidates will be notified personally of their selection and will begin their training on January 18th, 2016, in the corporate headquarters of Ephraim Global in Tokyo. Resumes and cover letters should be sent to hr@ephraimglobal.com.

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