Excalibur Websites, Santa Cruz Internet Marketing Consultant,launches products to grow profits

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Published: Thu Dec 07 2017

Excalibur Websites,Santa Cruz area internet marketing consultant,launches new businesses growth products. These products grew 1 company from zero website visitors/month to over 1,300 website visitors/month, within 6 months.

Jeff Berry, Lead Developer, says, "One of the first things you need to realize is that local search engine optimization (SEO) is not free. As a small business owner you should plan on initially spending about 12 months developing search engine optimization (SEO) for your small business for Santa Cruz."

This up-and-coming Santa Cruz area internet marketing firm grew out of the need for the Lead Developer, Jeff Berry, to promote his family’s own small businesses. Over the past 10 years this top-quality internet marketing consultant in Santa Cruz, California has been able to achieve amazing results like taking a company from zero (0) website visitors a month to over 1,300 website visitors per month, all that was achieved within 6 months’ time.

Mr. Berry says this initial Local SEO effort will cost more time than money. As Excalibur Websites’ owner, Mr. Berry is a recognized internet marketing consultant in Santa Cruz, and he has already mentioned the overall time commitment of 12 months minimum to get decent results from local SEO. However, it would be a good to plan to consistently put about 2 hours a week into your local search engine optimization (SEO) to show up number one for a Santa Cruz business like a contractor or a restaurant.

Most business owners in Santa Cruz, California already realize that the phone book or the Yellow Pages is almost dead. If you are a contractor in Santa Cruz, a local internet marketing consultant would say it would be wise to begin search engine optimization (SEO) by contacting a good search engine optimization consultant.

This is because there are a large number of things that need to be done so your business will appear in the Google search results when people are searching in Santa Cruz, California for your small business.

As one of the best internet marketing consultants in Santa Cruz, the company Excalibur Websites has developed several products tailored specifically to help local business gain market share.

Now: New products by Excalibur Websites boost your customer base.

To increase your understanding of what needs to be done by your local SEO consultant, here are some of the things you’ll need to do to improve your search engine ranking and possibly reach the coveted three – pack (the top 3 listings in the Google search engine results pages) when someone searches for your Santa Cruz business.

Step 1 to increase your local SEO in Santa Cruz, California

As a trusted internet marketing consultant with Excalibur Websites, Mr. Berry recommends checking to see if there are duplicate listings of your business on the Internet. This is very important because if there are a number of slightly different listings of your business on the Internet, Google will view each business as a separate business and your search engine optimization rankings will be watered down.

Use a tool like MOZ LOCAL to see if you have many duplicate listings on the Internet. If you do have duplicate listings, get your Santa Cruz Internet marketing consultant who is familiar with search engine optimization to contact Google to get the duplicate listings removed.

So as a top internet marketing consultant in Santa Cruz, California, Excalibur Websites wishes you the best, and they are ready to provide excellent service for you if needed. However, you do not have to hire an internet marketing consultant, you can do a lot of this work yourself. In fact, understanding more about local search engine optimization (Local SEO) will help you whether you choose to go it alone in marketing your Santa Crux small business, or if you hire a consultant.

Remember to visit Excalibur Websites to find out more about their exciting new products to help you reach the top of the search results in Google and help you get more customers for your Santa Cruz, California business.

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