Published: Wed Apr 29 2015

Steam showers are more popular than ever, especially in this age of hectic lifestyles that contribute to more stress. Those who have their own steam showers can attest to the benefits brought by this unique product – it not only serves to give anyone a more relaxing and rejuvenating time in the bathroom, it also offers a host of other health benefits, from aiding in the treatment of respiratory ailments to improving one’s skin.

At JT Spas, customers can choose from an extensive range of steam shower, all from different tried-and-tested and reliable brands such as Aqualux, Insignia, Niko, Aquaplus, and Lisna Waters. "Steam showers are a new modern all in one cabin that utilises steam which gives you all the relaxing benefits available with relaxing massaging jets and overhead rain showers…we have over 60 available with fast UK delivery," JT Spas confidently attests.

Anyone can have an easier time shopping online for their preferred steam shower thanks to JT Spas, which has listed down each and every shower’s features that make it extra special – such as touch control panels, radio with USB and Bluetooth capabilities, ambient lighting, adjustable body jets, chrome steam pods and aromatherapy features, circulator fans, and more. Customers shopping for steam showers at JT Spas also have the added benefit of choosing the glass thickness they prefer (such as 5mm or 8mm), the height or depth, the width, and the price.

Speaking of price, JT Spas has one of the best price ranges for steam showers in the UK as well. There are steam showers for as little as £389.00 to as much as £1,995.00 and everything in between. And as soon as customers choose the steam shower they want, they also have the opportunity to easily add other options, such as a pressure equalising valve, shower glass protection, water softeners, and more.
In addition to its broad pricing options, JT Spas also provides its customers with continuous promotional offers and discounts such as a free delivery service, pre-ordering services, and even a ‘buy now pay later’ financing scheme.

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