Foster Care Associates rated Outstanding in Ofsted inspections

From: Foster Care Associates
Published: Tue Oct 12 2010

Foster Care Associates (FCA) has reaffirmed its status as the UK's leading independent fostering agency through the publication of recent Ofsted inspection results.

Assessing the quality and standard of services provided in its North West and South West regions, Ofsted judged each category and the region as a whole as 'Outstanding' - a fantastic achievement for the fostering agency. The inspectors found extensive evidence to underpin their judgement, particularly from children and young people and the agency's foster carer colleagues.

The results further support the fostering agency in its ongoing commitment to raising standards of foster care and improving outcomes for children and young people. Through the Team Parenting model of foster care - delivering an extended network of professional support services to the foster carer and the child or young person - FCA is working to change the shape of foster care in the UK.

Regional manager at FCA North West, Colette Abbiss said: "We are delighted to have achieved the highest accolade with our practice being judged as 'Outstanding'. The outcome is testament to the consistent hard work in the North West and the dedication and commitment of our staff and foster carers to our children and young people. The senior management team and I are very proud indeed and dedicate this achievement to the team effort in striving for excellence."

Echoing these sentiments, Sheeree Cole, regional manager, FCA South West commented: "The staff at FCA South West are true professionals and they will go the extra mile both in terms of their outstanding practice and in terms of supporting carers. I feel very lucky that I have such a remarkable group of professionals that I have the privilege of managing. They truly deserve the 'Outstanding' accolade and I feel very proud that the South West has achieved such a terrific result."

FCA North West provides an 'Outstanding' fostering service throughout the North West Region, delivering foster care in Manchester, fostering in Liverpool, and beyond, providing the highest level of local support to carers. This includes access to a wide range of support professionals, geared at addressing every looked after child or young person's needs. FCA South West covers fostering in Cornwall, Plymouth, Exeter, and Torquay and across the South West.

These inspection results will bolster the two regions' ongoing campaigns to encourage more people to consider fostering children as a career. The UK currently carries a 10,000 shortfall of foster carers and through a string of online and offline marketing initiatives FCA bids to better inform the public as to the key benefits and the considerations of providing foster care in Nottingham, Manchester, Plymouth and throughout the rest of the UK.

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Foster Care Associates (FCA), part of the Core Assets Group Ltd, is the UK's leading independent fostering agency, with offices operating throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Working in partnership with Local Authorities and Health Trusts throughout the UK, FCA aims to provide 'quality care in a family setting' for over 2500 foster children who are looked after by the agency's 2100 foster families.

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