Garden Sprinkler Systems from Amazon Irrigation Offer Multiple Benefits

From: Amazon Irrigation Ltd
Published: Wed Sep 01 2010

Homeowners and those business owners with outdoor areas to look after such as beer gardens or outdoor play areas will be fully aware of the problems inherent in not using garden sprinkler systems. Whether it's dealing with hosepipe bans, hot, dry weather or simply staggering backwards and forwards with great buckets of water the challenge of keeping plants and lawns well watered and in good condition can be a time-consuming and not necessarily always successful task. Reputed garden irrigation equipment provider Amazon Irrigation ( just has the appropriate solution.

Amazon Irrigation is pleased to be able to offer a wide selection of garden sprinkler systems ranging from small, simple systems which can be set up in just a few minutes and which will help to keep small and even medium-sized lawns or flowerbeds well watered and healthy, right up to large scale, extendable garden sprinkler systems suitable for large lawns, public areas and play areas.
The range of garden sprinkler systems from Amazon Irrigation is extremely simple to set up and more convenient to use than filling a bucket or uncoiling a hosepipe.

But the advantages of using garden sprinkler systems extend far beyond the convenience of setting up the watering. In the UK, hosepipe bans are an annual occurrence, having recently been rolled out across several counties this summer, resulting in real problems for those gardeners without a sprinkler system. Where hosepipes are banned, garden sprinkler systems are almost never banned, because the amount of water which they distribute is not wasteful in the way that hosepipes tend to waste water.

Rather than dumping puddles of water in random locations around the garden lawn, a typical garden sprinkler system from Amazon Irrigation is able to distribute the water evenly across a much wider area and in a way which results in the water seeping into the ground in a more evenly distributed way, significantly helping to boost the absorption of the water by the roots.

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