Gas Sensors Market 2025 New Investment Projects Review

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Published: Tue Dec 05 2017

In 2012, the Global Gas Sensors Market was valued around USD 1.70 billion and is anticipated to reach approximately USD 3.40 billion while maintaining a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.45% during the forecast period. Technology advancements, largely owing to improved embedded electronics and manufacturing processes are anticipated to fuel the growth of the global gas sensors market. For instance, in the automobile sector, harmful emissions have contributed to the composing of regulations for emission control and produced the requirement to monitoring its concentration. NOx and CO sensors are installed with this intention, hence bestowing towards the growth of global market revenue. Oxygen sensors are installed in vehicles for monitoring cabin air quality. Different types of toxic and combustible substances used in manufacturing processes like NO2 (Nitrogen Dioxide), H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide), etc. present an elevated risk for people in the surrounding area. Hence, it is essential to constantly supervise their concentration in industrial surroundings to prevent any mishaps. Demand for these sensors so as to ensure occupational safety and health is on the augment over several industry segments like manufacturing and process industries. Rising adoption of smart and wireless sensing technologies is anticipated to drive the growth of the global gas sensors market during the forecast years.

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Devices based on PID technology are primarily used in detecting hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), etc. Consequently, they are perfect for applications like control and monitoring of leak detection and decontamination in confined spaces and closed rooms. Catalytic sensors are comparatively easy to calibrate and install elastic in nature and can be employed for supervising emissions over various applications. Products derived from this technology can be used over an extensive range of temperature. Solid state products are tough in nature; thus, they can be employed in corrosive surroundings. They can also function at elevated temperatures and are susceptible to alterations in concentration, which assist to monitor toxic emissions and explosions. Products based on thermal conductivity utilize filaments in an attempt to detect any changes happening in the target substanceÂ’s thermal conductivity.

In 2013, Asia Pacific regional gas sensors market was the top regional segment and reported for around 25% of global market revenue, largely owing to technological innovations in this region. Increasing demand for incorporated products utilized in hand-held equipment has also stimulated the market growth activities. Moreover, encouraging government regulations like the Wealth and Welfare, Industrial Safety Act are anticipated to drive regional market demand. Energy conservation initiatives and emission control standards are expected to support the market demand for the European automotive sector. Increasing uses of these devices and rising demand from end-user industries are also estimated to be the key growth drivers for this market.

Major Market Players:

 City Technology Ltd.
 Alphasense
 Membrapor AG
 Dynament Ltd.
 Figaro Engineering

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The global gas sensors market is segmented as follows:

By Product

• Carbon Dioxide Sensors
• Carbon Monoxide Sensors
• NOx Sensors
• Oxygen/Lambda Sensors
• Other Products

By Technology

• Solid State/MOS
• Catalytic
• Infrared (IR)
• Electrochemical
• Semiconductor
• Other Technologies

By End User

• Environmental
• Petrochemical
• Automotive
• Industrial
• Medical
• Building Automation & Domestic Appliances
• Other End User

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