Global Bleach Precursor Market: Industry Development Scenario and Forecast Till 2027

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Published: Wed Dec 19 2018

Bleach precursor reacts in the wash to form bleach and helps in boosting the performance of bleach component in the detergent making. The detergent made using bleach precursor is effective in the regions with low temperatures. The demand for highly concentrated detergent powder is growing, hence, the use of tetraacetylethylenediamine (TAED), a type of bleach precursor has also increased.

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The demand for detergent with bleach precursor is increasing in the textile industry, as textile wash process includes washing machine at a water temperature of below 60?C. Such wash temperature is used due to the textile care and energy considerations. Hence, the demand in the bleach precursor market is increasing.

Bleach precursor allows washing at lower temperatures, hence, are finding large application across Europe, US, and Japan. Europe is witnessing a fall in average washing temperature, hence, demand for products working at a lower temperature is increasing, thereby, driving the bleach precursor market growth.

Increasing Use of TAED in Laundry Detergents to Accelerate the Growth in Bleach Precursor Market

Tetraacetylethylenediamine (TAED) is the most common bleach precursor used in the laundry detergents, especially in Europe. TAED offers significant advantages including highly-effective at lower temperatures, compatible with other ingredients in detergents, offers good biocidal activity even at 40?C, and no damage to fabrics and dyes.

TAED is being used on a large scale in concentrated and highly concentrated detergent powder formulations. New regulations and the introduction of high-efficiency washing machines with low washing temperatures are driving the demand for TAED, thus, resulting in bleach precursor market growth.

TAED, a bleach precursor is used on a large scale in detergents as it produces peracetic acid, a powerful stain remover for oxidizable stains, also killing bacteria, spores, and viruses. However, poor solubility of TAED in water, leads to non-optimal bleaching performance, thus, impacting its growth in the bleach precursor market.

Rise in Bleach-Free Detergent Trend Hampering Bleach Precursor Market Growth

Manufacturers in the laundry detergent market are focusing on introducing bleach-free detergents or bleach alternatives in detergent products. Health and environmental concerns due to the use of harmful chemicals, the rise in the skin problems, are some of the aftereffects of chemicals used in detergents.

Hence, manufacturers are introducing organic detergent products using bleach alternatives, thus, impacting bleach precursor market growth. Labeling, certification programs, and regulations are also driving bleach-free detergent manufacturing. For instance, Green Seal certification in the US offers an unbiased assessment of green products. This certification provides a green seal mark on products and helps in illustrating their green credentials.

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Shift from Powder-based to Liquid Detergents to Hit Bleach Precursor Market Growth

Advancement in the detergent formulation is resulting in the drastic shift from powder-based detergent to liquid detergent formulations. Majority of the new liquid detergent formulations are bleach-free, hence, this is likely to restrain the growth in the bleach precursor market.

Majority of the detergent powders contain bleach precursor which is effective on white cloths, while liquids are bleach-free and can be used for colored garments. However, the cost of liquid detergent is higher than powder detergent, hence, more adoption is seen in developed regions.

The biggest drawback of powder detergent including bleach precursor is that it contains more chemicals than liquid detergent and loses potency when exposed to humid conditions. Increasing number of customers are also choosing liquid detergent as it offers convenience, ease-of-use. Also, bleach precursor powder detergent leaving build-up inside the washing machine is the biggest concern and one of the reasons for the shift towards liquid detergent.

Bleach Precursor in Powder Form to Account for the Highest Sales in Bleach Precursor Market

Bleach precursor in a powder form is gaining highest demand in the end-use industries. Detergent manufacturers are using spray-drying and slurry-making processes to form a detergent base powder. Bleach precursor in powder form is finding large application in manufacturing laundry detergents, hard surface cleaners, laundry bleaches, denture cleaners, dishwashing compositions, and toilet blow cleaners.

Highly concentrated detergent powder compositions including bleach precursor are gaining popularity in the market among customers. Hence, manufacturers are focusing on improving low-temperature bleach performance by using bleach precursor having a per-oxygen compound and the proper amount of active manganese complex.

However, liquid detergent products are considered to be more convenient by customers as compared to dry powdered detergent containing bleach precursor. Liquid detergents can easily and speedily dissolve in water, easy to measure, easy to apply to concentrated solutions, or on garments to be washed.

Competitive Landscape

The report on the bleach precursor market provides detailed profiles of the leading players in the market. Information including business strategies, key developments, latest trends, market share, and product portfolio of each company is offered in the bleach precursor market report. SWOT analysis along with the dashboard view on the major players is also included in the bleach precursor market report.

DowDuPont plans to shuffle production and distribution channel in case if China-US trade war worsens. Moreover, DowDuPont also plans to break itself in three companies in 2019, the materials science will be formed first, followed by agriculture and specialty products unit.

Lubrizol Corporation is planning to invest more than $25 million to expand its manufacturing facility in Calvert City, KY, to meet increasing customer demand.

Research Methodology

A unique methodology is used to draft the report on the bleach precursor market. The conclusions in the report are based on primary and secondary research. Valid data sources are used and interviews of the leading stakeholders in the bleach precursor market were conducted to obtain reliable data including qualitative and quantitative information on the bleach precursor market.

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