Global Solar Cooker Market Evolving Technology, Trends And Industry Analysis – 2020

From: Transparency Market Research
Published: Mon Oct 08 2018

Growing awareness towards the use of renewable energy and emerging applications of such energy for day to day applications is bolstering the growth of the solar cooker market. Solar energy not only has been proven as a viable form of energy generation, but high levels of development in the solar PV market have increased the overall application segments of solar energy. There are several advantages of using these solar cookers. Solar cookers are capable of carrying out pasteurization processes and are extremely effective in retaining the nutrient content of food. High levels of portability are another major advantage of such solar cookers. The compact size of these cookers makes them capable of being sold in the retail market without giving rise to logistical bottlenecks.

Costs are a major impeding factor in any renewable form of energy. However since solar cookers are available at attractive prices, the market growth is not hampered owing to higher costs. Solar cookers also have extremely low maintenance expenditure making them attractive investments for households.

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The manufacturing of such solar cookers requires very little expenditure making it a profitable business. With the rising prices of LPG and natural gas around the world, there is a constant demand for alternative fuels for domestic purposes. In emerging countries LPG is a major source of fuel for cooking purposes and hence these economies are the most attractive markets for such solar cookers. Not only will the use of such cookers significantly reduce the consumption of fossil fuels, they will also go a long way in ensuring energy security.

The solar cooker market can be segmented on the basis of the construction techniques utilized for manufacturing. The broad segmentations on the basis of construction can be done as solar box cooker, solar panel cooker and solar parabolic cooker. The solar box cookers are the most commonly available form of solar cookers in the market currently. These cookers are extremely robust in nature and operate very safely with little or no supervision required for operating. A solar panel cooker on the other hand consists of a pot or pan with a plastic/glass enclosure which is nestled into a reflective panel. This is done for better concentration of the sun’s rays leading to higher efficiency factors of such cookers. The parabolic solar cookers are capable of generating and sustaining much higher cooking temperatures than either a box or panel type cooker. These cookers are best suited for varying cooking purposes such as grilling and frying. One of the major drawbacks of such parabolic cookers is that the angle and direction of the cooker needs to be adjusted frequently for maximizing efficiency.

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These cookers are likely to find attractive markets in countries having large rural populations. The developing economies of Asia Pacific and Latin America are the most potential markets for such solar cookers in the future. Europe and North America are mature markets which would exhibit a steady growth potential. Some of the major players in this market include Sun Oven, Sunrise Global Solar Energy, Solar Cookers International and Sun Fire.
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