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Published: Fri May 14 2010

GreenShutters Nurseries & Plant Centre specializes in hedging, providing the best plants and services available. They have recently launched their brand new website making it easier for their customers to purchase hedging without having to commute to their Somerset location by providing a user-friendly e-commerce solution as well as delivery to all of mainland UK.

The nursery provides a wide range of hedging plants from Leylandii Trees, Laurel Hedging and Hedging Conifers to Photinia and many other evergreen shrubs. The website also provides comprehensive guidance and advice on a wide range of hedging topics including choosing the right plants, planting methods and much more.

"GreenShutters Garden Centre near Taunton, Somerset is open 7 days a week and stocks an extensive range of plants including specimen conifers, magnolia, rhododendrons, azaleas, hydrangeas, Japanese maples and a broad range of other trees, shrubs & herbaceous perennials," explain Roger and Donna Eavis, the owners.

Live fencing is becoming more and more popular in replacing concrete, brick or iron fencing. Not only is it more eco-friendly but it is also more aesthetically pleasing than simple concrete. Hedging can be used as a property enclosure or to screen off areas of larger gardens. However, choosing the right hedging plants is not always as easy as it may seem, therefore the GreenShutters website provides a comprehensive guide to hedging plants that answers the most common questions.

Additionally, advice is provided on planting as well as maintaining a hedge so that customers know exactly what to expect. By consulting with the owners, customers are guided to the most appropriate solution in terms of their budget and how quickly they want their hedge to grow.

For example, Leylandii hedges are the most popular because they grow the fastest thus making it the cheapest option, even when the plants are bought in larger sizes. On the other hand, the Photinia Red Robin is also quite popular due to the fact that young growths are a bright red, making the hedge spectacular, especially in the spring.

Not only does GreenShutters provide advice for maintaining a great hedge but they also offer guidance so that their customers' hedges are in compliance with current legislation.

Leylandii can still be planted as a hedge without any problems as long as they are well-maintained... Hedges should be kept to a height where they are not a nuisance to neighbors," the website explains. They continue to state that a good rule of thumb is for people not to allow their hedges to surpass 2 meters or 6'6" in height as anything over that is considered to be a nuisance by the Anti-Social Behavior Act 2003.

GreenShutters Nurseries and Plant Centre is owned by Roger and Donna Eavis who have been growing plants for hedging since 1980. Their vast experience and knowledge is an asset to their customers so that they may enjoy a beautiful hedge that provides an aesthetically pleasing screen against intruding eyes.

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