Growth through energy efficiency in manufacturing

From: Anderby Creek Ltd
Published: Tue Jan 26 2010

Salamander Industrie Produkte GmbH (SIP) is based in Bavaria, Germany and in its 90 year history the company has always been keen to innovate and adjust to market requirements. Locally the company is still remembered as a shoe manufacturing brand, although the core business is now the production of window profiles and base materials for leather which is used in books, furniture and fashion. Based on a consulting project in energy efficiency, the company is planning to reduce energy consumption by a quarter.

‘We cannot offer products which allow for maximum energy savings such as our window profiles and at the same time waste energy in our factories, says CEO Michael Glaw who heads up manufacturing and innovation. The management team at SIP believed that they were well ahead of the game when it came to energy efficiency until a team energy consultants proved them wrong.

SIP employs around 1000 staff and in 2008 generated a turn-over of around € 200 million. In a painstakingly diligent process the energy consulting team spent almost one year analysing the three production plants on site. The current energy costs are € 5.2 million per year and the indentified potential for savings is around € 2 million. The findings were compiled in a 650 page report covering the 13 key areas which the business will have to address. ‘With this red book we gave SIP energy management and energy efficiency guidelines and tools for the next decade’, says Matthias Voigtmann who advices the company.

Michael Glaw believes that the energy consulting project has seriously sharpened their awareness in energy matters. Manfred Knoll, the Technical Director of SIP, adds: ‘With the project we made a leap from energy administration to energy efficiency.’

The management team fully supports all energy efficiency measures. Investments with a payback period of less than two years such as low energy lighting and motion detectors have already been implemented. SIP is now moving to long-term investments and will also start to integrate their suppliers into the initiatives. The plan is to cause a ripple effect across the supply chain and the wider community.

Initiatives to save 25% of energy are in the pipeline. Michael Glaw and his team at every project holistically. Energy savings cannot have negative side effects such as lowering productivity. The goal is to grow the business whilst lowering energy use and consumption. SIP is well on the way to achieve this goal.

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