Helping You Save More At The Internet Baby Shop By Not Increasing VAT

From: The Internet Baby Shop
Published: Tue Jan 18 2011

Whilst the UK government increased the rate of VAT on all relevant products and services to 20% on 4 January 2011, The Internet Baby Shop has taken steps to help parents around the world save during the tough financial time after Christmas by not increasing their prices to reflect the new change in VAT.

For the whole of January 2011, The Internet Baby Shop will keep prices exactly as they were before Christmas 2010 Ė at the old VAT rate of 17.5% - to ensure that all parents who were looking to make purchases at the start of the year that they couldnít make before Christmas arenít penalized and donít have to face increased costs.

Margaret Porter, the owner of The Internet Baby Shop, explained "As a parent myself, I understand just how expensive Christmas can be Ė especially when you have young children running around saying that they want x, y and z."

"Our aim at The Internet Baby Shop is to provide parents with everything that they need for their baby and children, all in one place and at a price that they can afford."

"Whilst we understand that the raising of the VAT rate to 20% is a move thatís needed to ensure that the UK economy continues to develop and move away from the problems incurred during the recession, we donít feel that parents need to suffer the consequences, paying extra for products that they could have got at a cheaper price less than one month ago".

There is no small print or hidden costs in relation to this price promise, with the guarantee being that should the price of any item at The Internet Baby Shop have been subject to a rise in VAT to 20% from 4 January 2011, the cost of the product will not be increased in any way, shape or form to reflect this rise.

In addition to not passing on the rise in VAT to their customers, The Internet Baby Shop are also offering all customers a 5% discount voucher for simply using their e-mail address to sign up to receive regular updates from the company blog,

Using the 5% discount voucher in conjunction with the fact VAT prices are staying the same, this effectively means that customers to The Internet Baby Shop can purchase any product that had previously had a VAT rate of 17.5% at a mere 12.5%, a deal that should help Mum and Dads around the world.
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