From: ICS Solutions
Published: Sat Feb 20 2010

ICS Solutions launched their Azure Advantage Program on 10th February at their first Microsoft London Azure event. The Azure Advantage Program from ICS Solutions is a flexible framework of options that helps you to plan, build, deploy, manage and support applications in the Cloud and leverage the benefits of Cloud Computing in a flexible, rapid and viable manner.

Cloud Computing is the term used to describe large-scale offsite IT resources that are accessed over the internet. Leveraging Cloud Computing has the potential to create significant value for clients by providing unparalleled speed-to-value, enhanced flexibility, lower costs and increased environmental efficiency in data centre services.

Azure is an internet-scale Cloud services platform hosted in Microsoft datacentres which provides an operating system and a set of developer services that can be used individually or together. Azure aligns with the Microsoft vision of Software-Plus-Services by offering customers, developers, and businesses a transformation in connecting devices, business, productivity and software.

Martin Neale Managing Director at ICS Solutions says "We believe that Azure is one of Microsoft’s most important new product offerings of recent years and firmly puts Microsoft on the Cloud Computing map. The Azure Advantage Program is designed to help customers flexibly take advantage of Azure in a way that suits their needs and business model"

ICS Solutions’ Azure Advantage Program is made up of a flexible framework of options that reduces the time, cost and risk of building, deploying and managing applications in the Cloud.

• Azure Inform – Get ready for Azure, educate, evangelise, justify

• Azure Staffing – Agile Azure resourcing solutions

• Azure Consult – Plan your Azure deployment with confidence

• Azure Training – Flexible Azure learning options

• Azure Strategy Briefing – Explore what is possible with Cloud Computing

• Azure Support – Managed support service

• Azure Build – Tailor made Azure solutions

• Azure Showcase – Expertise, readymade ISV Cloud solutions

• Azure .Net Migration – Applying .Net development to the Azure Platform

• Azure Project Accelerator – Accelerate your first Azure pilot

The Azure Platform provides developers with a quick on-ramp to authoring and running applications in the Cloud and has been marked as the next biggest thing in Cloud Computing.

To find out more about Azure Advantage Program click here http://www.ics.net/azure-advantage-program.aspx


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