IMEX Packaging, maker of clear bags and reusable shopping bags, celebrates 40 years in business

From: IMEX Packaging
Published: Sun Apr 05 2015

IMEX Packaging, (, maker of clear bags, reusable shopping bags and dozens of other types of bags and packaging is celebrating 40 years in business.

"My Father started the business in 1974 making vinyl zippered bags for textile products," said Steve Jeffrey, President and CEO of IMEX Packaging. "Because the bag was zippered it allowed people to inspect products and then reclose the bag," he said. "It proved an excellent way to store home furnishings and because it was reusable it reduced landfill waste."

Over the years, IMEX has diversified its packaging products and expanded distribution to include industries such as juvenile products, cosmetics, toys, sporting goods and dozens of others. IMEX is also a leading supplier of custom clear bags and can supply bags to any part of the world.

Over the years, IMEX Packaging has been a member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition and has participated in the Wal-Mart Sustainable Packaging Expo.

As such, they offer many reusable, sustainable products from reusable shopping bags, to bags and packaging that can be produced in a range of sustainable film and man made and natural fibers.

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About IMEX Packaging

Starting in 1974, IMEX Packaging has been providing clear bags, totes, custom bags, zippered bags and many other types of bags and packaging. In all, they stock more than a million items in inventory. As a major supplier of packaging all over the world, IMEX is an approved supplier to Sears, Wal-Mart, JC Penny and many others.

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