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Published: Fri Jan 06 2012

The Keyline promise focuses on delivery and results. Keyline has been engaged by our client Talecom to assist with the promotion of their products through our sales and marketing support services.

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Talecom is a market-leading Field Force Automation provider with an integrated suite of software and hardware that enables field service providers to deliver increased levels of service to their customers. Talecom products also enhance productivity and the safety of your company’s staff.

Talecom’s FFA products integrate your current processes into a PDA, with the capability to add smart functions such as Tracking, Lone Working and Driver Behaviour modules for a complete, tailored package.

Talecom products require NO CAPITAL OUTLAY and include ALL APPLICATION SET-UP (a substantial cost with other suppliers) and ALL APPLICATION CHANGES for the life of the contract (huge savings over charged-for modifications and
back-to-base update recalls). A simple monthly charge covers everything.

Talecom enables teams working in the field to be more productive, and to work smarter and safer, while enjoying closer integration with your company’s back office resources.

Cost-effective, wireless solutions that drive efficiency Taelcom is an Application Service Provider that supplies channel-only, wireless communication solutions to enable affordable convergence and mobility strategies.

Since 2002 Talecom has transformed communication with and for remote workers by supplying intelligent and reliable wireless solutions that add measurable value to any business.

With our flagship product – Wireless Delivered™ Live - we have grown to become one of the best known names in mobile computing for delivering best-of-breed, cost-effective, wireless solutions that drive efficiency and performance on or off site.

Wireless Delivered™ Live
Vehicle Tracking
Trailer Tracking
Asset Tracking
Lone Worker Systems
BS8484 Compliant
Wireless Delivered
l Paper to PDA Platform
l Follows your current business process
l Real time workflow management
l Proven, reliable and secure
l Easy integration
l Rational Unified Process
Business Model
l No capital expenditure required
l No cost for application build
l Includes ALL changes to application
for lifetime of contract
l No integration costs
l No training or deployment costs
WD Live P ricing
l Mobile device
l Wireless delivered application
l GPRS optimisation & Push software
l All development and unlimited changes
l Training, support, deployment
l Bronze Support
Rugged Mobile Device
Per Month
l Integrated Satellite Navigation
l PDA Tracking
l Lone Worker
l Driver Behaviour
PDA Driver Behaviour
l PDA based driver behaviour
- MC65/ES400 compatible
- Standalone or integrated
- High definition algorithms
- Automatic orientation determination
- Continual orientation correction
- Rich back office and driver feedback
- Measured savings up to 20%
Wire 3 DBS Pricing
l Software solution
l Standalone
l Integrated
l From £10 per month
Pulse - Lone Worker Solutions
Keeping your staff safe and secure. Are you
protecting your most valuable asset? Our Lone
Worker solution provides you with 24 hour
"Duty of care" protection for all your employees.
l Complete Lone Worker protection
l Easy-to-use heartbeat monitor application
l Location view via GPS though our online command and
control room
l Integrates with existing systems to tag lone worker jobs
for automatic and manual modes
l Windows mobile application or dedicated GPS device
l Dedicated panic button for instant alerts
l Audible and visual alerts on screen
l SMS alerts to unlimited number of responders
l Instant voice calls in overt or covert mode for emergency
l 24hr NACOSS approved ARC option
l Integrates with our Wireless Delivered Live and Wire3
vehicle tracking solutions
l Complies to Lone Worker Standard BS8484
Case Study - The Power of Mobility
Boosting service
engineers’ productivity
Field force automation is helping Anglian Home
Improvements to improve customer service.
With such a large number of customers, Anglian needs a
substantial after sales service operation to deal with repairs
and modifications to its products.
Its 65-strong team of service engineers operate from 25
regional depots right around the country. With more
customers choosing Anglian every day, the workload for
this team was increasing and the pipeline of service visits
was beginning to build.
"A big advantage is the capability to support a wide range of
technology, so we end up with a tailored solution that best
matches our specific needs."
Andy Browne
Communications Manager
Anglian Home Improvements
Company: Keyline Communications
Contact Name: David Williams
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Contact Phone: 07008099986

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